I have been shaving my arms and chest area for the past three years and I am sick of it. My first mistake was to buy the “EPIL-STOP” system which dramticaly failed for me. Now, I am using an electric shaver which is quite annoying. I would like to know about any products which are the most IMMACULATE and available for me (I PREFER WAXING, SUGARING, AND ROTARY EPILATOR INFO). I was just notified of the rotary epilators. Do those things work on the chest areas and arms?
Also, I was just browsing for products I could use and came up with “Touchme® Sugaring Hair Removal Value Pack”. Does anyone know if this works?
Please, i am begging anyone who knows anything that works. I wish I could sue the IGIA company for “EPIL-STOP” :angry: which costed me $50 dollars I could of well spent on DVD’s and for burning my arm with their product. THANK YOU to anyone for their advice!!!


Sorry to hear you were one of millions ripped off by the scum at IGIA. :angry:

For chest, you might consider getting it done professionally once and see what you think. You can also observe their technique and use it yourself if you decide to try it at home. Luckily, chest and arms are pretty easy to do yourself. The epilator will probably hurt more than the other methods on the chest, but I think they are perfect for arms.

The sugaring and waxing products on Folica are all pretty good. Both can be messy and take more skill than an epilator.