In defence of Syneron ELOS technology

I love this forum but am getting concerned at the number of negative comments about Syneron’s Elos technology for hair removal. Here’s why…

We own and run 3 x specialist hair removal clinics (not in the UK or USA) and we have used the Syneron Comet and eLaser diode lasers for 5 years. We have treated 1,000’s of clients in all body areas, all skin colours and all hair colours. In our experience we get excellent rates of reduction, pretty much no client burning and generally very satisfied customers who recommend others to our clinics.

We are sufficiently satisfied with the Syneron technology that we intend to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars buying more of this equipment.

It’s true that the original claims by Syneron that the Elos technology was good enough to get reduction in blond, red or grey hair were exagerated however they are no longer claiming this. We still get reasonable results with hair of this colour but are careful to warn clients that results may be poor and generally don’t accept these clients.

Elos is a technology that adds an additional RF energy to each laser or IPL shot. Although it’s hard to prove how much the RF adds to the efficacy of any treatment it does add one significant safety factor. The RF electrodes also measure skin temperature before and after each shot allowing the operator to know exactly how far they can go with the energy settings. This makes it very easy to treat at the highest levels without burning giving very good results.

We would certainly invest in other technology if we thought the Syneron Elos technology is as bad as it’s made out by many contributors to this forum but we are pretty happy with it so far.