In between appointments

Hello All

What is the best method to get rid of unwanted hair in between electrolysis appointments

My electrologist asked me not to touch the hair but she was never able to book enough time to remove all the hair

I also sometimes have to wait for 10 days to get an appointment with her

I am going away for 2 weeks and I know that she will not be able to take off all the hair on my upper lip before my vacation

My electrologist once told me that if I really really need to touch the hair on my upper lip she prefers that I wax rather than shave

What do you all think ?

Thank you

No - do not wax. Waxing removes the hair from the follicle. This makes it impossible for the electrologist to know which follicles are producing hair. Shaving is acceptable. Make sure you stop shaving a few days before your electrolysis treatment. The electrologist will need approximate 1 to 2 millimeters of length so the hair can be epilated.

Never do waxing on face especially on upper lip and chin. You can trim, shave or bleach but NO WAXING.

Over time, repeated waxing can stimulate hair to grow coarser. It can also be the direct cause of ingrown hairs and in some cases, scarring. There are however some people that tweeze or wax for decades, and the hair growth is unaffected. It’s a real toss up. In my opinion, waxing/tweezing should be avoided due to the temporary and permanent side effects it can have on the hair and skin.

Thank you so much for your replies

Question please : would shaving (and leaving enough time for the hair to grow back before treatment) slow down my progress ?

Before your electrolysis appointment you need to stop shaving for a few days or however long it takes for your hair to grow to 1 to 2 millimeters in length. Shaving has NO effect on progress.

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Allow me to pile on and say DO NOT WAX or do anything that pulls out the hair.

I prefer clipping the hair with cuticle scissors. If you can’t do that, then shaving is my next choice.