implants and LHR

I am a TS who wants to get my breasts done soon, but I am currently doing LHR on my chest.

Would breast implants be affected in any way by the laser or electrolysis?

Additionally, I’m thinking about augmenting my lips using an injectable material such as collagen, etc. Would electrolysis or LHR affect my lips after augmentation?

Thanks to anyone who responds!


I know for sure that Electrolysis would not be contraindicated for the proceedures you are having. I would not be so sure on the laser hair removal. The skin is very thin in the places you are working on and it is possible for some problem to occur, but this is something I have not done any extensive research on. (I never thought about it really) I am sure that someone else will give you some feedback here on the site.

Intuitively, I would say that there is probably no KNOWN problem with doing LHR on freash emplants, but one never knows what UNKNOWN problems we may be told about later.

On the other hand, people have been having electrolysis on areas they have previously implanted since implants were first utilized (they are the same clientel aren’t they) and there are no published reports of negative side effects.