I'm thinking of going to electrolysis school...

I have a bachelor’s degree and I’m planning to get my MS (some time in the far future, LOL). however, I’m thinking of going to electrolysis school. Even if I did it part time, it seems like it could be an interesting career, and I could own my own business which would be exciting. I guess the only thing that deters me is the investment–$10K for a reputable school (i’d have to do my clinicals relatively far away), plus equipment and office space.

how did you know you wanted to go to electrolysis school:?

what state will you be practicing in?

WI is where I live now although I may move in the future (hey, from what I understand Hawaii has no electrologists!)

We need more modern electrologists. I have fun at my job and I like being my own boss. I especially like seeing people regain their self-esteem back. That’s the ultimate joy for me. I hope you are serious about this!

Although Wisconsin is not the easiest state to get licensed in, you will find it easier than Hawaii. The reason there are almost none there is the state has a licensing program but no schools to facilitate the prescribed program in place. Even if they had schools, the transportation situation in “The HI” would leave many people stranded with no reasonable way to commute to the school. My understanding is that since most people choose to go to California to do the electrolysis program for Hawaii, they find that at the completion of their program, they have the choice of sitting for California’s license and staying in CA, or going back home to be the only, or one of the few electrologists in a small town. Well, once you have lived in the Las Angeles area for the duration of the education program, you already know that you can make more money on the mainland.

In short, many people leave Hawaii planning to become electrologists, but few return to the islands to practice the craft.

Hrm, I find that interesting. If you were the one of hte few electrologists in an area, couldn’t you make money not less? After all CA and HI have high costs of living but CA has more electrologists (more ppl too I suppose)

Hawaii is a whole other world.

Many places have populations of 20,000 or less and the resorts are the only places where people with disposable income are easy to find, but if you work at a resort, you are also giving up the lion’s share of your potential profit to the house, so to speak.

Keep in mind, in electrolysis, it is billable hours that makes one solvent, and one wants to go about it by filling hours, not chasing multiple 15 minute appointments. As such, it is much better to be one of 100 electrologists living in an area populated by one million people, than it would be to be the only hair removal specialist living in a beach town with 20,000 full time residents and a constant transient population of tourists. If nothing else, your advertising strategy and costs change big time.