I'm sick of dealing with hair

I’m a female 18 year old high school student, and I’m sick of dealing with excess hair. I wish more than anything else that I could just make it go away instantly.

I have brown hair on my upper lip, stomach, cleavage, aerolas, and toes. Dark, course have started popping up below my chin. Some areas are courser than others. I also have fine, blonde hair of varying lengths on my face, chin, nose, neck, and lower back.

For a year I tried laser on my upper lip, but it did nothing. That is when I started shaving it because they told me it made the laser more effective. For a couple of months I was getting electrolysis on my upper lip, and I saw a tiny amount of progress. I had to stop for a few months for financial reasons. Now I just can’t get my schedule to work with that electrologist anymore. She worked very slowly as well and would only do 15-20 minutes a week. Although I never had more than a couple hours of redness with her.

This weekend I tried a new place. I like what I see so far, but I’m not positive yet. She works more quickly and went for 25-30 minutes. Now I have tiny little scabs and some actual irritation though. I got it done yesterday morning. The redness went down almost completely that evening but returned last night along with the little scabs.

The hair has affected almost everything about myself. I NEVER feel comfortable talking to people up close, sitting next to them, etc unless it is dark. I have a great group of friends, but I feel incredibly awkward and embarrassed around them a lot. I HATE, HATE, HATE being in crowds especially if it is hot and my face starts sweating a little. I have not talked to anyone about my hair problems except my parents and sisters. I had friends over this weekend, and I almost had a panic attack when I saw the scabs on my face this morning. They were still at my house for awhile and applying make up just made my skin burn and get redder. I was SO embarrassed.

I know electrolysis works, but I know it’s a long process! Even though it is permanent, after reading these boards I realized I’m never going to be able to COMPLETELY rid myself of my excess hair.

I know I’m not alone, but to be honest, knowing other people are going through the same thing doesn’t make me feel much better. I want MY hair gone. I don’t know anyone my age with the amount of hair I have. Sure, some of my friends have a little peach fuzz, but you can’t even see it. I just want to be normal, roll out of bed with a soft, smooth face and not worry about trying to cover it up another day. It makes me late CONSTANTLY trying to just cover the hair up a little more.

I would love responses but basically I just needed to vent. I feel like a freak, and I cry about it a lot.

Oh yeah, and I thought I would add that it’s not hormonal as I have had testing done. My hormones are normal. I’m also quite thin and exercise every day. Although I could be more strong and fit, I’m not even close to being overweight. I also eat quite healthy, not perfect by any means, but my family eats out very rarely. We buy good quality food and cook our own meals most of the time. I have a sweet tooth, but I consume literally NO soft drinks and very little artificial sweetners.

Ugh, I know it’s hard to feel so focused on hair. You’re actually so lucky you’ve started electrolysis so young. I hadn’t even heard of it until a year ago, but you have the potential to be completely finished in time to enjoy a normal college social life. Small scabs and crusts are normal on the body, but most electrologists don’t want scabs forming on the face. If you tell your electrologist about this, she will simply turn down the treatment energy and I’m sure it won’t be a problem in the future. Also, are you using aftercare? The electrologists on this board say that it is crucial to having minimal side-effects. They recommend witch hazel, tea tree oil, and NO MAKE UP or similar products for a few days. Your make up is filled with bacteria, and if you get an infection way deep down in your pores, you will not look pretty.

And you may not completely get rid of every single hair (no human is 100% hair free), because your body may grow new ones here or there. But that will be a slow process (maybe a couple a year, unless hormone problems make it worse), so essentially you can end up with less hair than any of those friends you’re so envious of.

Kg71792, I know how you feel! I felt the same exact way when I was your age, and even had treatments at American Laser Center. Until I decided to get electrolysis I would shave my face daily!! Yes, it can get very expensive, but if it’s something that you really want, you will work hard for it! I’m getting electrolysis right now and I have to work extra hours to be able to afford it! but trust me it’s worth it.Please choose the right person to stay with, as picking the right electrologist will make a huge difference in your results and skin reaction! But sometimes skin reactions happen regardless of what you do! so just stay with the plan and you’ll see great reduction in the near future.

Kg71792, I am with you too. I have had this problem since I was 16…and now I’m 32 :frowning: I finally decided to start on a regular electrolysis schedule recently. I recommend keeping up with it…my problem started like yours and has only gotten progressively worse over the years. I can relate too–because it’s even more frustrating when your hormone levels are normal! I would prefer to have something be off just to find the cause so it could be treated…but no such luck. Just know, you are not alone!

The hair you’re talking about is pretty normal and most women have it in varying degrees. Some is darker and more noticeable than others’.

Laser is not a good option for hair that’s not coarse and dense like bikini and underarm hair. You need electrolysis for the rest.

Focus on finding a good electrologist and stick with regular treatments, and you’ll be well on your way to a hairfree life. Look for someone using thermolysis method if you can as it’s fastest. And check out 4-5 electrologists first for sample treatments.

Thanks for letting me vent and the support! It made me feel better typing it out. I’m definitely going to continue with the electrolysis although I may try to call another place. I would like to see a great reduction of my upper lip hair (and hopefully stomach, but I really want my face taken care of first!) within a year. I think (pray!) that is reasonable. The redness is pretty much gone as of last night, but my skin is a little dry in a couple of spots and there are a few tiny scabs. She did do right under my nose which the other electrologist had never done. I guess the skin there is more sensitive. I THINK I may have some permanent reduction/(thinning at least)on the sides. Is that possible after around 7-8 treatments, a 3ish month break, and then one treatment last weekend?

I’m actually not sure what method either of the women used on me. I know the one I went to last weekend had an…Apilus? machine…or something like that. Both just had me putting ice on the area for 5-10 minutes for after care. The current one told me to apply Neosporin (sp?).

  • It takes 12 months to complete any one area because the hair grows in cycles. You kill the hair that’s there, then other hair that was dormant appears and needs to be killed.

  • It’s best to tackle electrolysis by having long treatments up front to clear the area you want hairfree. Then you just come in to kill new hairs tha pop up and you’re done after 12 months or so.

  • Apilus is one of the best machines out there. You should ask what method they use. It can do the fast microflash type of thermolysis too. Skill is most important though. You shouldn’t feel plucking.

  • Don’t use neosporin. Not a good idea. The best aftercare is just witch hazel during the day and tea tree oil at night. Avoid anything with chemicals until the skin is healed.

Good to know about the Apilus. I’ll ask her what method she uses and about trying some longer treatments a few times. I don’t feel any pain or actually anything at all when either electrologist plucked a hair. It seemed like they both plucked after each time though. I could just sense/see them doing it though and definitely not feel it.

The first electrologist used a machine that had a foot pedal.

I’ll try to get some witch hazel and tea tree oil. I love witch hazel!

Okay, just to clarify: Every electrologist tweezes out the hair as they treat it. That is totally 100% normal. What LAgirl said was that you shouldn’t FEEL the pain of plucking. You will obviously see them pluck out every single hair, but if the hair was killed properly then it won’t hurt when they pluck it.

You say you didn’t feel the plucking, you just observed it. That’s perfect. That’s exactly what you want (seeing it but not feeling it).