I'm scared

Hi all,
First off, I would like to thank you, Andrea, for making this site. I know this might sound kind of weird, but I have always felt somewhat on the outside of everything because of my unwanted hair. But with your site, I feel completely comfortable, even if I’m just reading posts. So, THANK YOU.

OK, now my problem. I have suffered from facial hair since I hit puberty. Originally I did nothing about it, but then I started using creams to take it off at the end of my senior year in high school. I’m now 23 and just sick and tired of putting up with it. I can barely look in the mirror anymore. People have to stand at least 6 feet away from me in order for me to feel comfortable. If anyone gets their hands anywhere near my face, I totally freak out. I’ve let people take about 10 pictures of me in the last 6 years because I don’t want them to develop it and see the hair.

I’ve finally decided to get laser treatment. I’m going to do my face and neck and sideburns. I’m really only worried about my chin and upper lip, but I might as well do it all. Like a lot of people here, I feel victim to the “evil tweezers” and I’m addicted to them. I tried to stop tweezing for a week and I couldn’t stand it. I’m also really nervous about even calling up and making the appointment. I’ve even thought about telling my mom to do it for me (make the appointment) but I need to do it myself. I guess I’m just looking for some support on making the first step. I know, if it works, my life will be so much better. But when I even think about calling for the appointment, I just get too scared to pick up the phone. I know I’m babbling, but this is the first time in my life I’ve ever spoke to anyone about this problem (probably just like everyone here). I’m just scared.

Thanks for listening to me babble

Shy girl

hello Shy Girl,

Glad you were bold enough to post… We know what you are going through, and how you feel… I hope you can relax a bit knowing that…

Just as the anonymity of the Internet has allowed you to open up here and talk about your problem and your feelings, so the telephone will be the insulator you require to make the initial appointment.

When you phone, ask some of your questions, but specifically, ask who you will be seeing for your initial consultation, what their qualifications are, and how many years experience they have. Then, when you go to your appointment, you will know you are speaking to Jane, a registered Nurse, with 12 years experience. or Sarah, a LASER technician with the right training and 8 years experience, or DR Hecketty, a Dermatologist, with 18 years of experience. If you know this, then you will feel more comfortable, knowing they will not look at you like a freak, it is their job to treat hairs, and to do so on people like you and I, with excess hair. They are professionals, and should help to put you at ease about your situation, and the possible outcomes.

LASER is a good candidate for hair reduction, have you also considered Electrolysis, for guaranteed permanent hair removal…?

Whatever you decide, please, keep us informed, we are here to help, guide and support your endeavour to reclaim your life and self esteem from the hair…

Good luck, and hugs,


Shy girl
I recently went through that as well. I was a wreck about going in for my consultation. I couldn’t bare the thought of anyone touching my face. But once I was there and I started to talk to her (nurse), I was at ease because I was FINALLY doing something about it. And they really do see our problem everyday and are NOT going to gasp or think any less of you. The opposite actually. I was assured that they had treated women with much worse cases than mine and were confident they could help me as well. And they have. I go for my second treatment Wed and all my anxiety about it is gone. Call for a consultation and ask all the things you need to know. Ask to see before and after pictures (in you skin type range) that they have for examples as well. It helps give you an idea of others’ outcomes and encourages you to make that change for yourself too.
Be brave, you can do it! :smile:
Good Luck!!

shy Girl, I completely relate to you. I’ll be twenty-three in August and I’ve been battling unwanted hair since the sixth grade. I was about nineteen when i noticed hair growing on my neck. At first it wasn’t to bad until the school I was working at the kids started noticing the hair. I started to wax it and I’ve been just sick and tired of it. My nephew was over one day and tried touching my neck. I felt so embarresed I was afraid he was going to ask me why my neck has hair. Lately I’ve been using this stuff called Dermablend to cover up any unwelcomed hair I have forgotten to wax. It works pretty well but, this October I’m going to the Bahamas and would really love it if I could go swimming w/out worring about my make-up coming off my neck. Thank you Shy Girl, I really thought i was the only person w/ this unwelcomed problem. :smile: