I'm pretty sure I'm the hairiest woman alive

So much hair that I have some on my knuckles AND my buttocks. The ones on my buttocks I don’t know what to do about. They aren’t vellus hairs but aren’t coarse either. They’re long and dark. Ew? I know. I’ve had my entire back waxed before on numerous occasions in which I had to have to exposed (bridesmaid dress, for the summer to wear tank tops). Most of the hair on the back can be disguised successfully with bleach, but the strip down my spine and patch on my lower back are what do me in.

I’ve never discussed this with anyone because I thought I was alone. After reading the stories on here, I know I’m not.

My question is about having electrolysis done on my bottom. The back is probably a common request so I’m not worried about it. I can’t imagine getting intimate with a guy and him having to feel the stubble on it. :frowning: Would this be a weird request for an electrogist?

No, not weird at all. Sometimes I think about calling my business: “Butts are Us!”

Wow - thanks for the quick reply, Michael!

I presume you’re an electrologist. :slight_smile: How much area is included (ergo where do you start and stop)?

You know, I think the same about myself. There probably is no other person hairier than I am. But the nice thing about it is… I can and YOU can become one of the least hairy persons alive.

Because that is what you can do to hair. Kill them, destroy them, those suckers. This is something you can do to hair, something you cannot do to acné, to eczema, psoriasis, genetic male pattern hair loss. Or what do you think about the mermaid girl, the only one alive? While we have others to relate to she had no one.

So, that was my speech of today. :smiley:

I once thought the same about myself, but after reading this forum for a few weeks, I’ve realised there’s actually a lot of women out there in the same boat, and many of them, like me, will go above and beyond to hide it…I also feel a little less depressed now that I’ve realised there is potential to have it permanently removed.

I’m a 33 year old man, am naturally hairy, legs, arms, chest and a strip down the centre of my belly.
Never bothered me as i accept how i am, i like it to a degree, think it’s manly but about three years ago, i got involved with taking pro hormone tablets in the gym to help build more muscle.
Never read up about them, just took it on good faith who i brought them from that they were okay, i took them for a week and stopped.
Then as weeks passed i noticed my body hair was increasing, hair on my arms got longer and thicker, started to grow further up my arms, the hair on my chest got thicker and sprouted out either side more, my belly is now covered, have growth on the back of my arms, around the triceps, and have patches on my back as well.
I’ve never been a very confident person, I’ve had relationships but since this growth over my body, I’ve become increasingly ashamed of my body, embarrassed, to the point of thinking about suicide.
There isn’t a day that goes by that i don’t regret what i took, i beat myself up and find it hard to deal with, i know if your with someone they should love you for you but if you don’t love yourself, just wish i could turn back the clock.
I’ve recently started having IPL treatments but they are expensive and are only temporary, i truly believe that there is a permanent solution out there, whether it’s a lotion, cream or something, but it’ll never be released to the public, hair removal is a billion pound/dollar business, just hope that one day there will be a permanent way to rid of unwanted hair, life is too short to feel ashamed and embarrassed about about bodies.
Apologize for the long post but came across this site and wanted to explain how i feel, if anyone reads this, thank you.

toomuch in answer to the question you asked michael, there’s no set hair removal spot. All hair can be removed, and he being a pro is finished the job when the hair is gone, and the client happy. Michael is one of the best educators on this site for hair removal and lierally " wrote the book " on the subject.


Mark if your skin is applicable then find clinic that offers Gentlelase. I go months hair free and what comes back is very thinned out after 5 treatments on back and I had a lot of it