Im not getting any results on my face

My legs responded GREAT to only 4 treatments.

My arms, not so great, to 7 treatments.

My face I’ve treated 5 times so far, and after 2 months from my last treatment, everything grew back. What is wrong? DO I need higher joules?


What joules have you had on the face? I just had my second treatment on the face, and honestly it seems more hairy then ever this time…I have more of a beard now! And I got a big red pimple cyst thing, probably from a hair folicle…

Let me know the joules you were treated with…


Hi all: facial hair, be it on man or woman, it very difficult to remove and needs more treatments than body parts below the neck. We usually have clients in for 9 treatments on the face, spaced 6-8 weeks apart. Sometimes the hair doesn’t shed for 2 weeks or more, and clients will still need follow-up treatments once or twice a year. Facial hair is androgen-dependent, and as long as that hormone is around, new terminal hair growth can appear even after many treatments. It’s very frustrating, but that’s the human body for you. Hope this info helps! :wink:

Well, it shed, at least some parts did, but they all grew back after 2 months. Specially the upper lip. I can see some less coarseness on my cheeks but I wonder if that will last long.

Treatments with the lightsheer started at about 19 J and my last treatments was something like 23 or 24, I dont recall.

My cheeks responded well, I hope its long term, but my upper lip didnt respond at all. Parts of my chin didnt even shed, but I suspect they missed them.

I did my legs with Alexandrite Epitouch and I had great results, though not so great on my arms.

Im likely going to do my face and my arms again, but I can’t afford doing this for very long. I wonder if I should do my face with the alexandrite, this way the practioner wont miss any spots, and that machine already gave me good results with my legs (I was treated at about 30 J during my last treatment for my legs)

White (but not pale) skin, DARK DARK coarse hair.

Accidently I saw your conversations. Hypertrichosis or excess of hairs by Diode (Light sheer ) after few sittings is Known complication & I think in such cases Diode should not be used at all. Have you been checked for hormone essays ? If not go for it & do next treatment from LHE technology which is cheap then Diode or Lumenis machines & works well.

What is LHE?