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Hello To all at this site.
I found this place he other day and I have just registerd. Before now i used kitty consumer beware board for 2 years. Then I look at your sit and see that you do not have a good word to say about that site. I dont know who to believe. I would like to know who Andrea the moderator is what she does for a living and why she is the moderator of this site.
I would also like to hear from any long term users to know what they feel about this site.

I am very interested about the gene therapy side of things as this seems like the future, i mean how come we grow hair on some places and not others why do some people have no body hair? Please try to answer some of these it would be good to feel as comfortable on this site as I had done on kittys. Its good to know there are other people out there who feel the same as me.

I found kitty, Consumer Beware Site when I called a laser clinic and the operator told me to check out that site. When I did I realized right away that there were people posing as general members pushing products. I did not become a member. That same day I did a search on hair removal to see if there were any other sites like that one and came across this one. I was very surprised to see there were no solicitations, only generalized responses. I haven’t noticed anyone agreeing with one methond only. Can’t you see on Kitty site they promote Kalo. When you do a search on hair removal Kalo comes up everywhere, they have so many sites. You have to ask if Kalo is the answer then why isn’t it on the news letting the world know. I haven’t seen any promoters or solicitors and hope Andrea keeps it that way. It’s true we want to know more about Andrea, but the site is great. This is what this site has already done for me. I had a laser oonsultation, when I posted about the type of laser and the intensity of the pulses I canceled my appointment shortly after I was told that at 14J I couldn’t possibly get any permanent results. In addition the type of laser wasn’t the best. I didn’t have a good feeling about it but this site helped me confirm my suspicion. Stick around, I’m sure you will be happy.

Welcome. I am fairly new myself, but I can tell you this site is on the level… It is impartial. and you get a wide range of experiences to consider.

Andrea is the person who has set up the site, and runs it… She is moderator because places need to be moderated. I know, as I am a moderator of a website with over 18,000 members and some of them have pretty strong opinions… Sometimes I think I could be a middle-east diplomat with that experience… LOL

We would all like to know everything about people, but we all have a right to privacy… from What I understand from reading, Andrea has quite a lot of experience and is in a good position to moderate the board and actually know what she and other people are talking about.

Have a look around, read what interests you, and you will come to see that this is probably the best place on the internet for this sort of impartial comprehensive information.


In general, a site of this size, the moderator’s just whatever person happened to come up with it and be willing to pay for the hosting… if there are others, they’re just whichever people the moderator thought could be of help. :smile:

I rather like it here, because there’s a lot of exchanging ideas, and very little of people trying to convince others that what they have is the miracle product of the day. And there’s a lot more practical knowledge being traded, from what I’ve seen.

Hi Doody–

Welcome! My issue with Kitty is that she used to sell a scam hair removal product and uses her forum as a place where her clients can promote their practices. If you didn’t know better, you’d think everyone there was a consumer.

Kitty may mean well, but in my opinion, she’s part of the problem.

I think you’ll find that everyone here is very straightforward, and we don’t get the kooks and quacks that plague other boards. Our readers are too smart to fall for that stuff!

There are several people on Kitty’s board who know what they’re talking about. The problem is that standard consumer can’t separate them from the idiots that pollute the threads with lies and misinformation. That’s what makes it worse than a site that’s 100% outright lies. You never know what to believe, so I suggest avoiding their silliness altogether.

For more, check out this:

or this:;f=41;t=000008

Then ask Kitty what she thinks about hairfacts or this forum. I’m sure your post will be removed immediately, and you may be banned. That should settle it for you who is the lying quack and who is the true consumer activist. We don’t censor the truth here, and we are always open to comments and criticism. :smile:

I may not be perfect, but I am not going to cover up the truth in order to fool consumers and help my clients-- mainly because I don’t have any clients! :grin:

I look forward to any questions you have, especially under the gene therapy threads.

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