I'm new here and have questions.

I’m a 13 year old girl that has hair on my upper lip. I’m also asian and have a darker tone of skin. It didn’t seem too bad, but over the weeks it seems to have gotten darker. I don’t do anything to my hairs, because it’s like a family thing. See, my mom has never shaved her legs or arms or anything and her hairs have gotten lighter over the years. SO she advices me to not to shave or anything. I don’t think that’s the same for facial hair, and I think my mom knows it too. I’ve been feeling really down lately about my upper lip hair. Is it just cause of puberty? Just asking.

Hi mimi.

Yes, the hair showing on your upper lip is because of puberty along with heredity factors, too. There are three times in a womans life span where hair can worsen: puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

Shaving WILL NOT cause more hair to grow, but hormonal changes will. The only thing about shaving that you may not like is that stubbly feel as the hair grows back in. Shaving is actually cheap and effective if you can’t start electrolysis yet, but you will need to talk to your mother about shaving. No matter what you think you want to do, it is always good to have a discussion with your mom so she can help you. If she isn’t sure what to do, she can always tune in to hairtell.com and the two of you can start to learn together the best way to proceed to help you with this troubling problem.

I have actually worked on several girls your age and they have tolerated electrolysis very well. If you choose electrolysis down the road PLEASE be sure to do your research here on hairtell about what is expected as far as healing goes. Not all electrologists do the same work with the same equipment, with the same kind of aftercare instructions, so results do vary. The electrologist you are interviewing should do a test spot. Have them remove 10-15 hairs. Go home and see how you heal. As a teenager, your skin is very moist and has to be treated with much care,so start slowly with someone who truly cares about your skin.

Good luck and take care.



After talking to your mom, please make sure you WAX, not SHAVE - if you are using a temporary method.

In my experience hair grows thicker and darker if you shave / but not as much if you wax.

Waxing can be also cheap and if you can’t have it done at a salon I can give you tips.


I would not recommend waxing at all! I don’t have time to go into detail right now (I have written “books” about this on hairtell). Please do a search about waxing on the face so you understand what I’m saying. Please do not wax anything on your face, mimi!

Thanks for helping dfahey. I’ll keep that in mind.