Im new, clueless and grosed out with myself :(

Hi There Everyone :slight_smile:

Im 16 and come from South Shields England. And BLAH, I’m a pretty hairy guy and I hate it so much. With a passion! Especially because the majority of guys I know are so smooth. I even got a doctors note to exclude me from gym showers because I feel like such a beast.

I used to shave like all the time but lately I have gotten into waxing. GEEE, it hurts but it feels worth it. I wax my legs myself but to be honest…and I wanna hurl just writing this, what makes me so depressed the most is the hair on my but. It’s starting to look like some freekin rug.
I can’t wax it myself. I think I want it professionally done but the embaressment and everything just scares me so much! the Pain doens’t bother me, I’d go through it. Just the idea of going to a sallon and being all like “dude, could you wax my BUT?” I’d feel soooo embaressed!"
But Im determined. Does anyone have any experiences they could share with me about like…that please? lol. And if someone could tell me the general way of how a waxing like that would work I would really apreciate it.

I know that if I was totally smooth I would be so happy with myself. Last summer I must have shaved like…every 2 days and I got sick of it. Waxing is cool because it lasts allot longer and my leg hair as been growing in thinner :slight_smile:
This summer I just want to be 100% smooth.

Thanks for reading this. Your help is most apreciated! I wish I could spell. haha

I can’t help you with overcoming any embarassment you might face in calling a salon for a waxing; but remember we all had to go thru it. Why don’t you begin having electrolysis treatment instead of wasting your time and money on the temporary waxing method. I also used to wax because I didn’t know of these other permanent methods. Now that all the hair is gone forever I feel a tremendous relief from that endless task of shaving or waxing…Also the pain associated with electrolysis is so much less that with waxing. What areas are you most interested in having the hair removed? A good place to start with the electrolysis is the underarms;since it is a confined area that can be cleared in a relatively short time. Also its agood way to get acquainted with the operator before asking for work in more private areas. Let me know if I can provide any other information.

hi ozmeadx
i was just wondering if you have seen the programme on t.v. called ‘salon’. it shows the working of a salon…including waxing. apparently a guy walked in a wanted his butt waxed. the beauticians were very professional. they didnt even blink an eye.
I am sure many guys walk in to get all sorts of areas waxed. if the guy in the t.v. programme could do it on national t.v. surely its not that bad for a guy like you to walk in and get it done discreetly. however, many beautician do home visits. you could try asking around. good luck.

Hey Guys, thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

I don’t really follow “The Salon” but I gotta say…knowing that a guy would ask for such a thing on TV is like “wow”!

Since puberty I have been tormented about my body hair basically from the waist down…above that I have hair but just not as much and its allot easier to take control of. I hate shaving because I always cut myself and where the hair used to be on my legs turns into a ALLOT of little red dots where the hairs used to be.
I have this sort of vision…those Californian guys on TV that are forever smooth and hang roudn the beach. I SO want to be like that!

Unfortunatley the electrolosis (I can’t spell, lol) thing is prettu unlikely to happen for me. Im 16 and Im at college (without a job) and from what I have been told its a pretty pricey thing.
For now Im going to try and build the guts to look round salons near me and see if they like do the stuff I’d want them to do.
Besides gasps by butt and legs…everything else isn’t that bad. I don’t have that much hair on my chest but what I do have I wax myself, same with my arms. And strangley enough, I don’t have much arm pit hair. And when I dp shave it, it seems to be the only body hair that takes weeks to come back. Its pretty strange.

Im pretty thankful I don’t have a hairy back!
I think the groses thing about what I do have, and I’m sorry for getting mayeb a bit to detailed here…is just sitting down forawhile, standing up then feeling um, sweaty. You know?
BLAH, It’s so not fair though. Its like “Hi! NO1 else my age that I know is like me!” I went on holiday and saw men in their 30’s with less hair then me. It really ages me and makes me so self concious.
Thanks again, I write to much. lol

Don’t be embarrassed asking… it is what these people at the salons do for a job… if they are professional, then it will not matter to them if it is your legs, arms, chest, or butt… Some will stop short of your genitals, but that is covered in another forum…

I have almost my entire body waxed, from neck to toes, just leaving a bit ‘down there’ so to speak. I have no problems with it, the girls chat away to me, and once they see you do appreciate the work they have done, you will feel so much happier going back…

I know the first call is hard, but once you ask, you will realise you have just been putting it off because of some unfounded fears… We all feel like freaks or have less self confidence because of our hair, it may not be a problem you discuss with your mates at school, but it is a problem that the places that offer waxing deal with… they don’t all just do womens eyebrows…

You may find it easier to look in the phonebook for places that might list male and Females…then either telephone, or go and see them… tell them you are a bit nervous…

Ask, and stop tormenting yourself… tell them you have not been waxed professionally before and feel it is time to have it done. You should not have to get naked to get it done, just reposition your undergarments from side to side as they work on you…

If you need more specific info, then send me a PM… this is not the right forum to go into details, and you are not old enough to get into the genital forum…

Hope that helps…


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