I'm ( mostly) away for a few weeks

Hi folks,
\I’m having a difficult time keeping up with hairtell threads for a few weeks. In addition to taking my only vacation in 30+ years later this month on 25 MAY I unfortunately have also had a bit of a time of it as a sngle parent. My Autistic Son has had 2 epileptic seizures within the last few weeks both requireing hospital trips by Ambulance.

So for the next few weeks, while I am slightly distracted, I would appreciate all the fine professionals here to fill in some of the gaps I am leaving , play nice, and be the awesome electrologists you already are.I’ll be back on occasion, just maybe a little less frequently over the next month or so.

Thanks to all,


Safe trips.

umm I wrote that 8 months ago. Surprise…I’m back!

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