Ok I am just tring to figure out what to do, either pro or DIY electrolosis. I can not do laser because my hair is red and my skin is pale. I have had problems with unwanted hair since I was 11 and I am a female. Right now I want to work on my face, and if that works move on to my body. I need to find a place to go though. Any suggestions. Plus I don’t have 200+ to spend thats why I am thinking on DIY, but I do not think I would have any luck with that. I do not have anyone to do it for me. Is anyone in my area?? I just waxed my chin today and I already feel a little growing back, but not to bad. I am really scared to go pro or even do it my self, and I really don’t want to wax or use other methods for the rest of my life. I’m reading alot and It seems both options are good. I have heard the e-pen works and does not work. Has anyone personaly used it. Also KALO the hair inhibitor?? Please feel free to email me definatley if you are in my area.

hi, I have had facial hair problems since 2 years now. I get face wax my prof every month. Kalo inhibitor just slowed the hair growth on face nothing more. But some ppl seen spots where hair has not grown by use of kalo. ITs rare that it happens with ppl when hair stops growing from kalo inhibitor rarely. ITs herbal treatment you know, its very slow. You can getwaxing done but after some time the hair starts out growing thicker n darker. Thats whats happening with my facial hair. Now I am just looking for the right electrologist who can do my face. And Now I also am getting little burns and veryy little indented scars because of waxing even though the facialist at the spa doesnt over heat the wax, which she applys on my face. Try kalo for six to 10 months, see if it helps if you do not have enough money for electrolysis. And if that does not work save up money , go to a good electrologist for hair removal. take care bye now.

Thank you Sahara! I will try it, as soon as I get the money to get Kalo. I am a bit scared to get electrolysis. I only get a little red if at all when I wax. I always do it myself. Where on your face do you have hair? I would like to keep in touch. I have never met or talked to anyone with the same problem as me, besides my mom which she doesn’t know I even have the problem. I would rather talk to someone around my age. Feel free to email me.
I have msn messenger

i wouldnt buy kalo hair inhibitor. i’ve used it and needless to say i still have the hair. little if no change, and what there was probably was from the epilation. now, if i was going to spend $30-50, i would buy the one touch home electrolysis kit. i’ve had it a week and i can tell it will do 100 times more than kalo would if i used it for years. or save that money and put it towards a professional, i just hate to see anyone waste their money on a product that will not work like it says. i do believe it slows hair somewhat after shaving, as i have felt it, but as far as permanence i cannot see it. just my thoughts on this.

I was thinking on buying a one touch but I do ot think I would be good at it because I have small pores, and I have no one to do it for me. I have heard kalo works and does not work for people, so I do not know what to do now…

I posted a video of me using a One-touch

in the D-I-Y section

it requires inserting the needle into yourself, watch the vid and see if you think you can do that:)