I'm "insensitive"

Yeah, sometimes I do come across as pretty “insensitive.” But, again, I have to say all this “angst … crying … frustration,” about your unwanted hair? It makes me crazy!

Why not just look at the possibilities, make a plan and stick to it? And just get the hairs removed! It’s not that I don’t like hearing about “your feelings,” … it’s just that “your feelings” won’t get the job done! Okay, so you don’t have the money?

My lovely client “Junie” had massive amounts of hair and no money. Well, so what! We talked about it and here’s what we came up with. She COULD afford $50 - $100 per month! So, I went to work and got her done … I mean DONE. Now, she pays me $50 (or more when she has it) per month until the thing is paid off. She’ll be paid off in seven moths! What wrong with that?

(I suppose an electrologist could put this on your credit card too. In my case, however, I hate that the client has to pay INTEREST to some greedy bank. So, NO WAY … and NO interest!)

You know what? Most of us do this! So, TALK to your electrologist and work something out. Get the damned job done. All the “angst” is a total waste of time. Actually, now when a client goes into a “crying jag” about the hair, I’m pretty much immune. My only answer is: Well, let’s get the ‘shit’ off and be done with it!”

Michael, I’ve never seen you as insensative in a single post. I know I tend to sometimes come accross that way, but dont intend to. My son is autistic, and I as his parent have a number of aspberger traits, and one of them is social unawareness.

I’m in a similar boat to Junie, because I have to stay home with my son , I cant work. I live for me and my three kids on the equivelent of $800 a month, including rent, food, utilities, internet and phone. I manage! It’s not easy and I end up eating out of food banks most months, but I get by. I get a small amount from the ontario government each month called a trillium benefit, and that $140 is what generally pays for my electrolysis or laser. If you dig deep enough, as you said you can make it work.
I dont know any electrolysists who work as you do around here, but I do things like learn how to do it myself, and trade off with other learners to do the areas I cant do on myself. As you stted, there are ways to make it work.


One of the unfortunate side effects of being low income, is I often have to put off purchases I really want to make.Because of my trouble witht he machine I bought, I’ve had to delay putting off purchasing your book, probably for another month. In the meantime, my brain is starving for input. I’m wantiing so desperately to learn everything I can, but dont have the tools for doing so.

What I think is missing in the DIY section, is a comprehensive thread on resources for learning, with links to books that are either online, youtube video’s tht are useful, articles that discuss insertion techniques and accurate descriptions of working in the three modulations, benefits of computerized programs on various machines and information of this sort. While I can find some of that information by looking through the threads here, there are alot of blank areas that need to be filled in and going through the forums thread by thread is tedious nd often doesnt give the information I’m seeking.


One large reason the forum here and the vastness of the internet is missing key training info is because so much of this work is done by feel, intuition and observation. It doesn’t matter if I am teaching someone from scratch, or doing a workshop with people who have gone to school and doing this for years, there is always something to learn on what to feel, what to look for, and how to lift one’s game up to the next level.

while books are great, someone you could do some time one on one would be far more valuable. VickyCNY went from book reader, to DIY to working with a mentor, and she will tell you that it was like turbocharging the learning process.

My advise would be to find someone to do some hands on with. That person would probably even do some of your work for you.

In my time working, I have only ever been cheated out of work done on one trust 5 times in 25 years. I won’t fault the one who died before the debt was paid off, but the other ones…

I have just such a person, however, as she is currently starting a new class in an electrology school, it may be a week or two before she has the time. In the meantime, I’ve started a thread with the resource list I think is missing, so if anyone has any important parts they think are worth looking at, please post links.
As I myself am at leads end while I buy another machine, but was already practising insertions, I’m considering just drilling a hole in some doweling to accept a probe, and using that to practise while I look around for another one and wait for Louise to " unbusy" herself.