I'm in significant physical discomfort- help plz

Hi everyone I have an issue that I’d like some advice on.

I am a guy with hairy butt. Big deal right?

Well 2 months ago I was experiencing some discomfort in that area and so I took a pair of scissors and trimmed a bit, more on the inside of my butt crack, especially towards the bottom of my butt

(Sorry about the gritty details)

That was 2 months ago. Now the hair is very long again, and significantly more coarse and thick than any other hairs around it.

In the area that I trimmed, it is extremely uncomfortable walking, and especially running. It won’t seem to go away and it is really very upsetting.

Do I have any options to reduce my discomfort? For instance, some manner that I could treat the hair to cause it to become less thick?

Would there be any guys out there who’ve had similar issues?

Any advice would help, I hope there’s something I can do besides removing it permanently with a laser


I’m female, but I HATE having hair there. I also hate trying to shave it, and hated trying to wax it. I’m planning to laser mine. Good luck.

Around the butt crack area I use veet. Veet doesn’t really work well on any other part of me but for that area it completely removes my hair. Only other thing I can think of is getting it waxed but I can only imagine the pain involved.

I heard that shaving or trimming, especially trimming, can’t influence the hair growth. If you trim you don’t even get the vellus hairs…

So either you it just looks thicker because of several reasons like the end of the hair was cut and seems thicker, the hair was bleached by the sun or you just imagine that. Another possibility is that you are in puberty where the hairs normally get more, thicker and longer (normally not within 2 months).

Or what does the community think about that - it’s just impossible, or not?

Sorry for the english!

Shaving or trimming is like getting a haircut. It doesn’t change the structure of the hair. It feels more prickly because the hair is thicker at the middle point where it was cut compared to the tip. It will go back to what it was before once it grows out.

I’d recommend completely removing the hair (root and all). This would most likely envolve waxing or laser treatments. Though the inital treatment might come with some discomfort, the benefits of having a “hair-free” trouble area outweighs the temporary “discomfort”.

A depilitory creame would be my next recommendation. The returning hairs will call less “discomfort” than trimming or shaving the area

Trimming and shaving will cause additional discomfort as the hairs grow back in.

Thank you suggest, but good things to come.

I had full-body laser hair removal years ago, and this is one of the areas that is difficult to treat well, simply because of the human anatomy. What little hair is left there is no longer bothersome, and I have it waxed every so often.

Garh, I’m here for more learning on nether-region hair (having registered here years ago under another name).

Will just say this. Shaving there (in your case, ass, crack and sack) creates microtears in the skin. If you’re a healer, ok… If ingrowns are the worst that happen, ok…

BUT if you’ve had exposure to HPV (and, most sexually active people have by now, though it only ‘wakes up’ when micro-organismal ecosystems/immune systems can’t deal, for whatever reason), these microtears can traumatize the area such that latent HPV wakes up. Also, when shaving, each stroke of the blade spreads the active virus around a little more.

Maybe needless to say, I’ve had it… not fun. Was treated years ago, and am fine now, but I just want to give you and everyone else reading a heads up so you’re aware of that risk.

And, I’m a total hypocrite. I shave (very occasionally and under special circumstances.) Well, I’m taking an informed risk, I guess. (Broke up with my ex, now, um, dating; standards have changed; can’t afford laser right now. Which I will do as soon as
I can afford it… I’m not convinced Nair is much better, from studies I’ve looked at… it chemically penetrates the skin, so presumably, there’s some damage to the epidermis.)

If you are going to mention a product, please provide the information where they make claims that the product produces permanent hair removal. There is nothing, including something called cortex, that gives people PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL OTHER THAN ELECTROLYSIS. Laser runs number two, offering permanent hair reduction.

If you are promoting a product that you are involved with as a business, just say so honestly and then prove your claim, with clinical studies and details of those clinical studies.

This person is spamming several boards. Self-promotion is tacky, Betty.

I honestly find using veet or nair on that area works really well for me. Shaving I’d never do, so picky and awful but for some reason using veet especially the spray kind I find makes the hair grow back slow and it seems finer and not prickly at all. I’ve shaved there once before and would never do it again because it’s so awful and uncomfortable but veet has been great. I haven’t done it in forever because it really doesn’t bother me that much but I used to do it before and was really happy with it. I don’t like it on other areas like legs or chest or whatever but for some reason I found it worked awesome there. If you use the spray (sorry this is graphic!) use vasalene and cover your private areas, helps a lot.