I'm hairy all over and fed up with it.

I’m new, so please advise on group etiquette. I’m beginning the learning process on this topic. I am hairy all over and am considering the various options available: Shaving (not enough time in the day)- Depilatories (none could begin to tackle the problem) Laser -(Is this for me?). I struggle because I see no end in sight once I begin. If I remove the hair on my back, arms and chest, won’t it look funny with my hairy legs? Here’s the real problem: If I remove the hair on my legs, what about my genital region? (I should clarify that I’m not interested in complete hair removal in that region, but I would like a solution that allows me to feel clean!!) I don’t want to start something that can’t be completed and I certainly don’t want something that causes discomfort. Frankly, shaving anywhere but my face frightens me! I want a permanent solution that is safe for all areas of my body. Please advise and thanks for any reference sources you (all) can provide.

Welcome! The only rules are to be nice and to limit discussions of hair removal in private areas to the Mature Topics Forum.

I recommend starting with the pages below, and then coming back to ask any questions!

Hairfacts: overview of methods

Hairfacts: choosing a method

Hairfacts: comparison of hair removal methods

Glad you found us!

Thanks for the info. It was very helpful, but I do have some additional questions that are better suited for the mature section. Will you please invite me in? :stuck_out_tongue:

Send an email to forum@hairtell.com and state you’re over 18.