Im fed up!!! Someone must be able to help!


I keep on hearing about everyones good results with electrolysis and i want to start treatment as soon as possible. HOWEVER, i live in London England and unlike the USA electroysis isnt widely avaliable. I have searched high and low on the internet going to the British Electroysis site but all i can seem to find is people who practise at home. And as i will probably be spending a lot of money on the treatment i would prefer to be in a salon or some enviroment i feel more comfortable in. And if possible get a recommendation from someone else, as im trusting these people with the appearance of my body i want to make sure im doing the right thing.

I know its difficult to find a good electroysist but im finding it difficult to find one at all!!!

Someone on this board must know somewhere reputable in London or they might know someone else that could help.

Please i desperate!!! ANY information would be great.

Thank you so much in advance


If you understand that the treatment given is more important than the marble walls and the neon signs and the rose oil scent machine (all of which add to the price of services) you will start getting consultations from anyone in your area without regard to where they are working out of and evaluate them simply on the quality of their results.

You may find this hard to believe, but even here across the pond many (most?) electrologists work out of their homes, and some even purchase residential properties just for their electrolysis practice. It is all about costs. If you want to go someplace based exclusively on the decor, you will pay more money while not necessarily getting better treatment.

The reason many (most?) salons don’t have an electrologist is they don’t want to pay one what the electrologist could make working independently with a small client list. Furthermore, when they find someone to work in a salon, in no time at all, the clients are asking if there is any way they can see the practitioner outside of the salon (much the same way they ask the massage therapist the same question) and pretty soon the salon electrologist realizes that she can double her money while working fewer hours AND charge her home clients less than the salon. Pretty soon she has a whole clientele from word of mouth that beats a path to her door, and she stops working at the salon all together. Then the salon is in need of an electrologist on short notice, the old one has a viable home based business, and the whole thing starts over again with the new salon electrologist (who is usually fresh out of school anyway). Most salons just give up. They know that the Nail Tech won’t be moonlighting at home to the tune of enough money to stay at home and most hair stylists don’t want to have the odor of perm solution overpowering their homes.


Hi Bianca,
I’m new here and am not sure that I can help, but I thought it was worth a try. I’ve not been to many beauty salons but I know of at least two that do electrolysis very close to where I live in East London. What part are you from? I am currently having Laser Treatment at one of these salons to which I have found helpful for the thicker darker hairs on my chin. I have lots of hair all over my face, mainly on my upper lip and chin, these are fair but very noticeable in the normal day light, I’m thinking of moving from Laser to Electrolysis. If East London is acessable to you then perhaps I give you the names and tel numbers of these salons. HTH’s


Hi, ive just read your email. I know how difficult it is to find an electrologit in england as electrolysis is not as big here as it is in the USA. I will be moving to east london at the end of the year. I want to continue having electrolysis do you think you could give me the names of any electrologists you know. Your help would be much appreciated.