I'm desperate!!!!!

Umm… hi everyone… I’m reading ur msgs for days and it’s sad to know that so many people got d same problem. I’m 19 and feel like my case is worst than others…I hope people won’t try to locate me after reading this msg because it took me hrs to decide sharing my feelings…i’m so depressed u can’t even imagine. I used to be so smooth and pleased from my looks but as always something’s gotta happen to ruin it all…about a year ago, some hair started to grow on my front neck and I didn’t pay much attention and just shaved it. I thought it’s normal and I’ve seen it on other guys. after several shavings on that spot the hair began to spread all over and I thought that by tweezing it’ll all disapear…it looked so kewl and smooth after d first time so I continued doin it for a year but it only became worst for the past 6 months as ingrowing hair started to show up and my neck looked very red and revolting. I couldn’t leave the house and everybody I knew were all staring at my neck and asking questions about it. so humiliating! my self esteem went down and to make this story shorter, I didn’t leave the house for six months. I don’t speak to anyone, I’m always in my room with my pc.I got no social life at all and recently I feel like committing suicide…I have no friends, I’m so ashamed and hate myself!! I don’t know what to do. I even purchase “tend skin” cause I thought it will help but nothing… I can’t sleep at night and I cry myself to sleep…
I wake up real depressed and I’m just looking out the window at people… I’m so bored cause I’m lonely and it’s so hard for me!! I can’t take this anymore… I even picked a spot in which I will end it all up… I so much need your help!! your suggestions! I know that there’s no magic to become smooth but maybe something to help me hide it!! I tried make-up but it even looked bolder…

Hi honey

Im sorry to hear you’re feeling so down. Hair that is not wanted can make you feel pretty bad. Having said that, nothing should be bad enough for you to want to ‘end it all’. I do know what it is like, I struggled with many issues for years - not hair related.

If your hair makes you feel this bad, I think you should maybe look into electrolysis (spelling?) or laser. Having said that, I think you’d be a perfect person with or without hair! If you can’t afford either of those (they’re expensive!) then try waxing. Don’t lock yourself away, there are many ‘hair’ professionals out there who would have seen this a million times before that have some solutions for you.

No matter how you feel about your hair, you’re a beautiful person - inside and out. Don’t let it get you down. Live life to the fullest.

If at any stage you’re feeling down and you need to talk just email me at allygirl@hotmail.com - im happy to help any way I can.


much love


Hello and welcome,

There are a number of solutions, but hurting yourself is not one of them… Do not consider this anymore… as bad as you feel about the hair problem, it is not worth what you have contemplated.

You may want to speak to professionals about your feelings as a person and your social isolation. I am sure you will find a list of free, anonymous services in the front f the phone book.

Then, once you have sorted out that you area a worthwhile person, and that you want to deal with your problem, make a few appointments to see your GP, or a skincare place to discuss the issues with them. There will be temporary and permanent options, but any of them is a step forward in ridding yourself of the hair-induced problems in your life.

Good luck, and remember, we are here, to answer your questions or help support you through this time…