I'm considering waxing my chest for the summer

I was gonna go with laser but I just can’t afford it. Problem is I can’t find a place in Sacramento, CA. I am looking online using a search engine (yahoo) and I put in Sacramento Waxing, Sacramento Wax salon, Sacramento Hair Wax… nothing comes up haha

I am trying to find a place I can call so I can get ideas on pricing and such. Also, I’ve read some of the posts here and I just want to know what you would suggest I get for after care.

Aloe Vera and moisturizers? I dont think I can afford that Tend Skin… it seems a tad expensive but if it really does prevent ingrowns I might go for it.

Ingrowns are the only thing I’m really worried about, they look horrible on my chest when I get them occasionally. And they almost can scar sometimes. For you guys that wax your chest, how bad do you get them? I have very course hair, but its also very straight so I’m wondering how prone Im going to be to getting them. Finally, how much do you usually pay to get chest and abs waxed?


Hmm I found this HERE It lists pricing for ‘stomach’ at $20.00. I wonder if that means stomach AND chest?


I wax my chest and have found that I can get many ingrown hairs. what I have tried that seems to work is using tend skin and getting some sun or indoor tanning the next 2-3 days after waxing. this has really helped me because the chest was always the worst as far as ingrowns for me.
I pay $60 for my chest and stomach and I think that is a little high compared to other prices I have seen but to me it is worth it because I am very comfortable with her and have had most of my body waxed by her at one time or another.
Good luck.



Thanks for the info =) One more question, about how long do you go before you get pretty noticable regrowth? Are your hairs very course or curly?

Ok that was two questions :stuck_out_tongue:



I get “noticeable growth” after 2-3 weeks (depends how quickly your hair grows). I try to wax every 4-5 weeks. My hair is not very curly but it is fairly thick - it is not thin. I have a pretty full covering of chest hair. I love the look and feel of a smooth chest and stomach, especially in the summer with a tan (especially if you work out). I hope it goes well for you.


Thanks again for the info =)

I do work out and thats the main reason I want to do it… well that and I just hate it and am completely self conscious.

What is the benefit of waxing the chest in relation to just taking a mach 3 blade over the chest? I am a guy who doesen’t have a lot of chest on the hair but I find the blade works just fine with no irritation. Re-growth starts in about 1-2 weeks, which is probably faster than the wax, but again a couple of simple swipes with the blade while showering and the hair is gone.

Is THE main advantage of waxing the slower re-growth or does one think it looks better? I do notice some black stubble even after I shave - does waxing eliminate this?

I have a fair amount of hair on my chest and I get stubble all over my chest the next day after shaving. I stay smooth longer with waxing without the daily hassle of shaving. Also, I can never seem to get it really smooth when shaving. Maybe if I had a smaller amount of hair it would not be a problem.