I'm a newbie??Help???

I’m a bodybuilder and want to get a full body wax because i heard wax is way better then shaving which should be becuase it gets below the surface. My hair grows very fast so im scared to shave any part of my body or wax it. My questions are fully loaded. Is waxing the right way to go for my use long term hair removal before next application? I was thinking of a home waxing kit its cheaper? EX(gigi) Which home kits would you guys recommend for a guy arm,legs ect?. I was also wondering what’s really is safe and does work to stop or inhibit the hair from growing back faster (inhibitor)??? And any other information you can give me to check out books, websites, and were can a find a directory of people who do waxing for a reasonably price in Los Angeles??? Thanks in Advance everyone and i know its alot of questions but im a newbie sorry…

firant: Before I had my hair removed permanently,I found that waxing was much more preferable than shaving. If you want to stop all the fuss over waxing or shaving,why don’t you begin with having your underarm hair removed by electrolysis or laser? You will never regret having it done and it is not as costly as you might think.
Doing the chest and back,keep up with the waxing;until you can afford permanent removal

definatly go to a professional to start, it will always hurt worse when you do it yourself. In your area you might want to try seeing ashly bush (I beleave that here website is 4face4body.com).
I think you will find waxing much better than shaving.

I would also recommend Ashley Bush

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