I'm a 13 year old girl feeling like a monkey help!

Hello! I’m new here. But I wanted to discuss something that’s has been happening to my body.
I have hair (black hair) on my belly, bosom, bottom, shoulders, forearms, arms, legs, thighs, and genital area.
I’m a female, 13 years old, 152 cm (4’9), 51.7 kg (113 pounds).
I’ve had this hair problem ever since I got my period, which was like when I was 9 years old.
I feel really embarrassed by my body because my mom, my sister, my grandma, and my 2 aunts aren’t like me. But my mom told me that my other aunt is hairy like me. I think I inherited this from her -.- (I inherited the early puberty from her too -.-)
I don’t think it’s a hormonal thing, because every time I do a blood test, they say there’s nothing wrong, and I did 4 blood tests (if not more).
I also suffer from migraine, anxiety, and stress because of my school work and other personal stuff. ( could this be the problem?)
My mom says that they’ll eventually go away. But seriously, when does hair ever go away?!
I’m afraid that no guy will ever love me because of this problem. :frowning: What guy will love a hairy girl?! :cry:
Shaving isn’t really an option because the hair will grow back thicker, darker, and stronger than before.
My mom doesn’t let me wax because I’m still young. But she said that I can get a laser hair removal when I’m older.
But removing her by laser can do a lot of damages for the skin.
(I’m also curvy and that makes me hate myself because the majority of guys like skinny girls :cry:)
I’m also from the middle east (if that’ll help)
Any advices? Any remedies? Thanks a lot! :grin:

For what it’s worth, and I’ve said this other places before, I wouldn’t have a problem dating a hairy girl. Maybe it’s because I’ve been through my own experiences with it and I know how degrading it can make you feel, or maybe it’s because I just don’t see it as much of an issue, but I wouldn’t let something like body hair stop me if I liked a girl.

I don’t know how to say this politely … but this is meant with the greatest of compassion:

Women too often equate their “self-worth” by how they are appreciated by men. (Men do this too, but by a much lesser degree.)

Here’s the point. YES, do have your hair removed at the appropriate time. But, do this for YOURSELF! Do this because YOU want it and it makes you feel better. Don’t do this because of how some man may or may not accept you.

Your “worth” does not depend on how others see you. You are valuable just as you are: fully free and independent. Start looking at yourself as you would your “favorite child.” Be kind to yourself and love every “curve.” You are unique: there is only one of YOU!

And, yes, being from the Middle-East does “help.” In general, women in these cultures are not valued as the strong independent people they truly are. This is all slowly changing. Does that make any sense to you?

Some reading that may interest you.

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I started getting hairy when I was about your age. (I’m 30 now) I am of African descent. Best advice I give you is that first of all, it’s not that bad, TRUST ME! It’s easy for me to say being that I’ve been there done that, but it gets easier. Second, any guy that will judge you by what you physically cannot control is not worth the time. You will definitely understand your worth much better when you get a little older. Third, if the hair bothers you that much, talk to your mom about getting laser or electrolysis NOW. The hair will likely not go anywhere without medication likely so it is best to get started on permanent hair removal techniques now while you are young. Your mom will have to be present when you have it done though.

Hello, I’m just like you, I have thin hairs on my upper body. My back hair is longer and I have annoying hair everywhere else. Be brave and my ex used to insult me about it. If in the future your husband insults you then leave him right away. i made a mistake staying with the beast for years. Be proud of yourself and thats the was God made us.