Illinois electrolysis

Kelly Inc. Electrolysis Kelly Morrissy, CPE. 137 N Oak Park Ave , suite 129, oak park , IL 60301 Phone: 708-386-GONE (4663) E-mail:
Hours: by appointment only. Closed Wednesday, Sunday. Modality: Thermolysis: 90% , Blend 10%. Probes: disposable, insulated, straight. Chosen through: TG referral. Certification displayed, Wears gloves and mask.

Respondent comments: Kelly is the owner. Her business card states, “We specialize in female impersonators and the transgendered community.” Kelly’s clients are almost all CDs and TSs, and she does the majority of MTFs in the Chicago area, including everyone from Chicago’s famous Baton Show Lounge. Kelly also has very strong ties to Chicago’s transgendered resources and is a great source of information.

Respondent Comments: Wonderfully personable and pleasant, along with being a very caring person, helps make the otherwise painful experience much more bearable. [4 TG ref., 99-01-12]

Suzanne Anderer Suzanne Anderer 28 East Lincoln Highway Frankfort, Illinois (815) 469-0050 (708) 429-5800 A.E.A. Board Certified. Teacher/Lecturer Electrologist. Methods : 1). Blend; 2). Flash; 3). Multiple Needle Galvanic; 4). Magna Flash; 5). Manual High Frequency. Number of electrologists: 3. Hours: By appointment only, closed Sunday. Rate: $20.00 or $60.00. Chosen through advertisement, and dissatisfaction with previous one. Wears gloves. Respondent Comments: She is very informed, runs a school. Her treatment method is very effective. She has tg/ts clients. She offers student rates–her students work on you. [98-08-05, 2 TG refs]

Bodyworks Electrolysis 2618 W. Peterson Ave. Chicago IL 60659 (773) 508-1500 Anesthesia available, free parking, private appointments. Specialize in the T.G. community. Member of the American Electrology Association, Electrology Association of Illinois, and the International Guild of Professional Electrology. Hours 11am-11pm. (97-10-06, aol)

  1. Electrologist contact information
    Electrologist name(s) Roxie and Prience
    Company name Bodyworks
    Address 2618 W. Peterson Ave
    City, State, Zip Chicago, IL, 60659
    Phone: 773 508 1500 or 773 505 1500
    e-mail: n/a
    website: n/a
    2. Days open (put an X by applicable days)
    Monday x
    Tuesday x
    Wednesday x
    Thursday x
    Friday x
    Saturday x
    3. Hours __ to ___ til 9pm, but often stay later or arrange late appointments
    By appointment only? yes
    4. Electrologist treatment information
    Number of electrologists in office: 2
    Treatment with two electrologists simultaneously available? unknown
    Modality used (%)
    Thermolysis x
    Type of probes available:
    disposable x–always show you the sealed needle before starting
    multi-needle galvanic
    Electrologist wears a mask. no
    Electrologist wears gloves. yes

    1. How you chose your electrologist:
      TG referral
      Internet x (TG resources by state)
      Non-TG referral
      Was consultation free? yes, but immediately followed by 2 hour session
      Were hairs treated?
      Were certification/training documents displayed. yes
    2. Please state your opinion about this electrologist:
      Roxie and Prience are fantastic. They are very good about security, privacy, and
      after-treatment care. They also have incredibly flexible hours; my third session with
      them was an all-nighter 10 hour marathon! I am extremely pleased with the results so
      far. R&P are very understanding, and I felt very much at ease from the first session.
      Their rates seem a bit high to me ($100/hr), but they have been worth every penny.

Sandy Carbone Sandy Carbone South Side Electrologist. Alsip, IL (708) 448-1605 Appointments only. Good and reasonable. Works out of a Doctors office and uses sterilized equipment. (97-10-06, aol)

Dermal Arts Studio Sheila 8319 N. Kimball Avenue Skokie, IL 60076 (847) 676-4687. Web page: In practice serving the transgender community since 1986. RF Thermolysis, Galvanic Electrolysis, Blend, Unique ‘Gentle-Touch’ technique for improved comfort. Only $30/hr! Free consultation. Run by an actual member (post-op) of the transgender community. (98-05-02, aol)

Electrolysis by Berta Ltd Berta Geber 325 W.Prospect Ave. Mount Prospect, IL 60056 (847) 394-8670. Number of electrologists: 2. By appointment only, closed Wed. and Sun. $68.00/hr. disposable probes. Chosen through: advertisement. Free consultation with hairs treated for free. Certification displayed, wears mask. Respondent Comments: Berta and Felicia are very helpful with answering about makeup clothes and any you might want know about transformation. Things that a mother would teach their daughters. [1 TG ref., 98-09-24] Respondent ratings: (0 = low, 10 = high)

Bodyworks Roxie & Prience 2618 W. Peterson Chicago, IL 60659 773-508-1500 Number of electrologists: 2. Closed Sunday. Hours: By appointment only. Hourly rate: $60.00.Types of probes available: disposable. Chosen through: TG referral. Free consultation with hairs treated for free. Certification displayed. Wears gloves and mask

Respondent Comments: Roxie & Prince are the most frendly and willing people that want to help you in any way they can. (1 TG ref, 98-11-07)

Advantages Salon

Michele I Cronin CPE 109 W. Main Street Rockton, IL 20min from Rockford, IL. 61072 Phone: 815-624-2155 (Res: 815.629-2684)

E-mail: Hours: Su,M,T,Th,Sa 10:30-??:?? By appt only Hourly rate: 80.00 Blocks: $600 for 10 hours. Modality used on respondent: Thermolysis: 100% Galvanic: 10% Blend: 10%. Chosen through: Advertisement

Respondent Comments:

Michele is freindly and open to the TG community and is considering doing Genital Electrolysis.- Her hours are flexible, and she is 20 minuets from the Cherry Valley Mall at Route 90 and Bypass 20.

Certified Professional Electrologist. Guest host of “The Electrolysis Corner” Radio Talk show, Editor of “The Electrolysis Corner” in print, and “The Electrolysis Minute” on the air, Member: AEA, EAI, and The International Board of Electrologist. Referred Exclusively by Rockford’s most renowned physician’s. “In order to ensure that a treatment is permanent, as periodically that you be show the follicle (The clear waxy substance surronding the root) after it has been epilated”.

She has a ‘free initial consultation and treatment’, Free treatment per referal, Credit Cards accepted. She is the Editor of “The Electrolysis Minute” on the air in Rockford. She is a member of AEA, EAI, and the International Board. She has done a radio broadcast show on the air. [1 TG ref. 99-01-23]

Received December 2003:

The information below is no longer accurate and should be removed from the web page.

 Michele moved to Ireland from the last information that I received and left      no forwarding informtion. 

22 Cosmo

Joanne Laroca

Rockford, IL 61101
Phone: (815) 222-6766

  1. Days open (put an X by applicable days)
    Monday ?
    Tuesday ?
    Wednesday ?
    Thursday ?
    Friday ?
    Saturday x

    1. Hours Joanne takes clients by Appointment only.
    2. Electrologist treatment information
      Number of electrologists in office: 1 (one) Joanne
      Thermolysis — Yes
      Galvanic — Available
      Blend — Available
      Type of probes available:
      disposable — x

Electrologist wears a mask. — no
Electrologist wears gloves. — Yes

  1. How you chose your electrologist:
    TG referral — x
    Advertisement — x
    Internet — x
    Was consultation free? — Yes
    Were hairs treated? — Yes
    Were certification/training documents displayed.

  2. Please state your opinion about this electrologist:
    Joanne is a very open and honest woman who has started doing electrolysis in the Rockford, Illinois area. Her rates are 65.00/hr and she is in a quiet and private area. She is open to Transgendered clients and when you talk with her please let her know that you are transgendered. She does not have special hours for her TG cliental. Her address was left off intentially because I have not asked her if I can post it here, but If she allows the address to be posted I will post it in the future as well as an updated. Her skill is reasonable and she is interested in removing the hair the first time. Note: She has been trained by Suzanne Anderer and is using current equipment that is new and not something that is 10 or 15 years old. [December 2003]