Being a 14 year old with hair growing between eye brows makes me feel terrible about myself, i dont even like to hang out with friends because of it./

Hi Ohio

Be carefull removing hair near your eyes. I wouln’t reccomend a hair removal cream in this area. Try just plucking the hairs with a tweezer - this has worked for me before. Else you must consult a professional electrologist for permanent removal.



I would just tweeze some of them out, as the quickest solution. It really does not hurt much at all.

If you want to, you could get the eyebrows area waxed for
10-15 dollars. They will make it look neat and even, and take out any strays.

Good Luck!


Thanks, i was wondering. Like i shave it, and it leaves little hair dots all over, like its hard to explain but if i got it waxed,would that all go away…for a little while.

You have to pick your poison here.

If you shave, you remove the hair, and cause no harm until you can remove it permanently. If you wax, you look like you have no hair, but you can possibly cause ingrown hairs, and thicker hairs, and more hairs to grow.


Most people who need to, tweeze or wax the eyebrows area.
When you first wax it, it can leave the area slightly red.
The redness should go away in a few hours or overnight.
Waxing or tweezing will last longer than shaving.

Most people with a unibrow tweeze that area, and it is something you can do in private and as you need to. If you get them waxed, they will shape them if needed, so if you want them to look a certain way, let them know. Then you can pick up the strays as they come in with a tweezer.

Most people won’t question a few red dots on your face. It could be a rash or acne for that matter. Mostly they won’t even notice it or mention it.