IHonestly, is it okay to shave lowerback/stomach?

Because I’m sick of staring at the hair. Until I can get electrolysis, is this okay to do? Or are there risks involved. And if it is indeed possible to shave these areas, tips would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you and have a good day/night

It is perfectly safe to shave those areas, assuming you can somehow see your lower back and reach around to shave it (or have someone do it for you.) Shaving will not cause the hair to grow in thicker, it is a myth. I started shaving my back using a full-length mirror and learned to do it by touch eventually. (Shaving above the shoulder blades is very difficult and not everyone is flexible enough to do it.)

I used to shave my lower back, but I hated the stubble :eek:
So then I had it lasered and that got rid of 80 percent of the hair, now I’m getting rid of the remaining hair with electrolysis and I’m very happy with the results :grin:

I shaved my stomach once… big mistake… i dont care what people say about how shaving “doesnt make it grow back thicker” … thats exactly what seemed to happen to me… biggest mistake…

I don’t think it makes it grow thicker. I think it rather grows sharper?

It doesn’t grow back any different. All that you saw is that the hair is a bit more “sharp” because you’re cutting it off at the thicker part of the hair shaft. If you wait till it grows out, it’ll go back to looking the same.

Shaving has no effect on hair growth. Stubble is the result of the thickest part of the hair near the skin’s surface, being cut straight across. Hard to convince people about this tricky stuff, but it’s true, no matter what you think you are observing.

I’m much like you, probably - on me, those hairs are just a bit too long and a bit too dark.

When I was younger, I’d bleach on occasion. Aesthetic results were good, except it burned like hell on application, and bleach is a carcinogenic. (It lasts more than a couple of days because it acts under your skin.) I wish there were a way to bleach more safely and without as much pain; it’d be ideal…

Shaving on your torso, afaik, doesn’t carry any serious risk. I’ve done that too. That skin is tender - you might get mild irritation, so use a good cream, and an ergonomic razor with a clean blade. (Venus is the one I like best, though it’s now ridiculously expensive.) Don’t go over the same bit of skin more than once. And pay attention to the line you’re creating… I noticed once, in the sun, that even my RIBS had a bit of the downy stuff, and I obviously had missed it. Use a soothing gel afterwards. And do NOT go into a swimming pool or even the ocean the same day, or you’re likely to get irritation - do your business a day (or two, ideally) before.

Depending on your rate of growth, you can expect a ‘stubbly’ feeling not too long afterwards, though. As everyone says, that hair doesn’t actually get thicker. It’s just cut off mid-shaft. It doesn’t look weird when it grows back in, because the hair (in my case) is still quite fine, but you can feel it.