IHH could you answer this question

If when waxing the person waxes peach fuzz and the hair that comes back dormant will it grow longer than the hair before? Also is there anyway to tell if a hair is dormant?

Hey Kid… let’s see if we can enlighten you a bit…

Some of the peach fuzz may be hair that is dormant… and could have been dormant for a while… If you remove it, then you will probably trigger it to go back into the growth phase… and depending on the technique used to remove it, it may or may not come back apparently darker, or thicker… or both. This depends so much on the individual that it is hard to predict.

I am sure there is someway to tell if the hair is dormant, but aside from observation, then I don’t know of it… I think I may have to step aside and let an electrolysis expert or dermatologist give you that information…

Also, you may want to spend some time at www.hairfacts.com - the sister site to HairTell.com

Good luck,


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