IGPE trade group now IGHRS

The electrologist trade group International Guild of Professional Electrologists (IGPE) has changed its name to the International Guild of Hair Removal Specialists (IGHRS).

IGPE was founded in 1979 as a PR arm of the American Electrology Association (AEA). One of their primary goals was to counter the claims being made by various electric tweezer manufacturers.

In one of the worst-conceived plans in PR history, they came out with a pamphlet which they claimed set their standards for determining if a device was permanent. Becuase the “Guild Standard,” as it has become known, was vague and unscientific, electric tweezer makers were actually able to exploit this poorly-worded promotional literature for their own uses. The Guild Standard was even used in submissions to FDA by several dubious devices.

Although they have since disavowed the Guild Standards, the document remains connected to their organization. It was even used against them in a lawsuit by an electric tweezer manufacturer in the 1980’s.

Now, it appears the IGPE is hoping to expand beyond electrologists into other methods of hair removal. I’m assuming the main plan is to include laser practitioners, since President Trudy Brown is now using a laser in her practice. I have not heard whether they plan to allow electric tweezer practitioners to join.

[igpe dot org/electrologist/advantages.htm]

The new guild membership allows anyone whose “goals and objectives are in line with the membership” to join. They did specifically mention those practicing waxing and other methods of temporary hair removal.