IGIA's Epil-Stop & Spray is a scam!


Hi everybody! If you ever see a TV commercial that promises you easy hair removal with Epil-Stop & Spray - NEVER buy it!

I have just had a terrible experience:

  • extremely aggressive sales staff, trying to sell you all that unnecessary junk;
  • overcharging of my credit card by almost $40;
  • I explicitly stated several times that I don’t want the future bi-monthly shipments unless I made sure the product works on me - they didn’t cancel them!!!
  • Nobody cared to apologize when I called Customer service with complaints;
  • They don’t reimburse shipping and handling (i understand, they would probably go bancrupt if they did).
  • Finally, THE PRODUCT DOESN’T WORK AT ALL! It smells like onions (not like citrus as they claim) and it irritates (not moisturizes, exfoliates, soothes etc as they have it on the bottle and in the commercial).

I am so mad! I don’t feel ashamed being ripped off and I would be happy to talk to anyone who had similar experience. I have to do something about it. Getting my money back is just not enough!


There’s a website on this stuff that has a bunch of people who’ve gotten burned by it. If you do a website search under the product name and “scam”, you can usually find quite a bit of information about any bad product.


Ok, I’ll admit that I bought some of that Epil-Stop Spray too. At least I bough tit out of some catalog for $19 so I don’t feel so bad. Useless on chest hair, OK on leg hair but my legs weren;t that hairy to begin with. The second worst thing about it is the smell. And it does not last any longer than shaving with a blade.



This will give you a good idea of what these IGIA/Tactica scumbags are all about:

PlanetFeedback: Epil-Stop complaints

RipoffReport: Epi-lStop complaint

NewChannel 9: Epil-Stop complaints

Hairfacts: IGIA/Tactica


What a horrible product. I was taken in by the ad I saw on tv, and all that happened was that I got a TERRIBLE and painful rash on my leg where I tested it. It swelled, turned red and was burned. Do NOT try this product.


I am among the thousands Igia seems to have ripped off. I ordered the product because I was taken in by the ad I saw on TV. I followed the directions exactly as specified. It did remove the hair, along with my top layer of skin. It didn’t remove the hair down to the root, and got no closer than a razor does. I was left with chemical burns and a fairly severe rash. I have gotten into the habit of researching products I see on TV in forums like this one (which is how I came across this site). Thanks Aandrea for creating this forum. In my experience, the only real way to learn about a product is talking with others who have tried it.



I must also add that using this product was a painful experience. I didn’t order it from the TV ads - I bought the box at the drug store for about $25. I think it included two spray sizes and a roll-on bottle.

Oh, it removed my chest hair OK, but I guess I didn’t read the label close enough because I didn’t protect my nipples and the resulting pain was excruciating! It warned against using it in the genital area (I can only imagine…) and on the face, but I don’t remember a warning re: the nipples.

Taking a shower afterwards brought tears to my eyes and gasps to my breath. They continued to sting for several days and I eventually covered them with those little round bandages to protect them from rubbing against my shirt. The rest of my chest hair follicles became little red inflamed bumps too, but they recovered sooner.

Now I think my nipples are less sensitive then they used to be - major bummer! :frowning:

So my recommendation is: Do NOT use this product! I’ve subsequently used Nair for Men Body Cream with excellent results on my shoulders and feet - but I’m staying clear of the chest!


Hey Patrick–

Sorry about your Epil-Stop problems, and thanks for the Nair for Men report!

As you note, chest skin tens to be thinner and more sensitive. It’s always a good idea to test depilatories on less sensitive skin before trying it on chest, face, or bikini area.



Epil-Stop is the ULTIMATE RIP OFF!!!

it will not remove ONE HAIR!!!


Just wanted to agree with Josh, this site is great. Things in England are very different as we have a company called ITC, they investigate adverts to check the claims they make to be true. This is great, but when we English go on the internet and see all these other adverts filled bascally with lies we don’t even consider them to be untrue. Have been gullible an embarsing amount of times now so it is great to be able to find out other people experences with products before wasting money. Thanks!


Regulation is always reactive here, meaning scum like IGIA can rip people off for several months before they get their wrists slapped. In the meantime, they make millions. It’s a fool-proof formula that’s made them one of the largest direct-response companies in the world. Too bad it’s at the cost of ripping off consumers with dangerous and overpriced crap.


I bought this product at a store, and it was on sale for 4.99 dollars, and I thought great!! Then I read the instructions and said I had to wait a few minutes! I was like jeez, that’s a rip off! It’s not at all like they show on tv.

I posted asking about some good hair removal product and this person said that Epil-Stop was really good and just spray and wipe off, and it’s not! She probably was some seller from Igia!

I am so glad I didn’t waste 30 dollars or whatever on this product, but it saddens me that it didn’t work!! Grr.

And yes it does irritate a bit quicker than Nair. And this stuff drips on my skin unlike Nair.

It’s total scam like everyone says. It’s a bad company.


GirlHair, they pull an old advertising trick in their commericals. If you look really closely at the bottom during the product demonstration, you’ll see super-tiny print that says “Elapsed time 15 minutes” or something like that. These guys are total weasels who get rich by taking money from decent people.