IGIA Touch 'n' Go (Warning!)


The IGIA Touch n’ Go is a combination electric tweezer transcutaneous hair removal scam. It retails for $60.

The IGIA Touch ‘n’ Go should be avoided by all consumers.

IGIA: Touch n’ Go

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The IGIÁ Touch and Go Hair Removal System™
Legs and Bodyis your most effective method to remove unwanted facial or body hair. Developed in Europe, the system is comprised of two different but equally impressive methods of hair removal. Using galvanic current, you can choose from a single hair application for small sections to a multi-hair patch method for larger areas. The single hair treatment consists of electronic tweezer utilizing galvanic current and a conductive lotion.

Upper Lip Eyebrows Face Bikini Line

Apply the conductive lotion to the area for removal, touch the button on the tweezers unit and the tweezers close. The current is transferred from the tips and within twenty seconds the hair is ready to be tweezed.

Breast Under Arm

The multi-hair treatment utilizes a reusable small pad and a reusable large pad, in a combination with a conductive, adhesive gel to target hair removal for larger areas such as the legs, arms and back. The current is transferred from the wand to the pad covering the area for removal. At the end of the treatment, hair is readily and easily removed and re-growth is virtually eliminated.

IGIÁ Touch ‘N’ Go Unit:

  • Touch ‘N’ Go
  • Conductive Lotion
  • Conductive- self adhesive gel
  • Reusable small pad
  • Reusable large pad
  • Fully patented system using galvanic current
  • Permanent solution Hair Removal System
  • Tweezers for single hair treatment - great for use on facial hair
  • Unique multi-hair treatment using two silicone pads and a conductive gel
  • Hands free treatment for the upper lip, legs, arms, under arms and bikini line
  • Touch operated, electronic tweezers
  • Buzzer and Timer
  • Non-invasive, needle free
  • Single Hair Application
  • Portable, vanity, travel case with mirror
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