IGIA scam

I’d like to share my recent experience with IGIA with you which has made me very angry.

  1. I ordered Finally Gone and it took 6 weeks to arrive to me in Canada.
  2. I was charged US$18 for postage but when the package finally arrived there was only $8 in stamps, leaving a $10 handling charge which I was not told about and which I think is excessive.
  3. THE UNIT DOES NOT WORK! I am so mad. When I put the pads on my legs, I can feel a tingling so I know there is a current going through but it has absolutely no effect on the hair whatsoever. I am one of the best candidates for electrolysis - fair skinned, dark body hair but the hair root is simply not destroyed.

I phoned IGIA and first of all they tried to fob me off by saying I have to pull the hair out with the tweezers. I told them that if the hair root had been destroyed it should slide out painlessly, not have to be ripped out as before. Then the sales agent changed tactic and said “well it must be your body chemistry, it doesn’t work on some people”. I said “does that happen with a lot of people?” and she said “oh yes”. I said “well why the hell not isn’t that written on your website?” and she said “well that’s why we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee”. What about the freakin postage I paid? And the handling fee? And the $10 tax I paid to Canadian Customs? (I can claim that back at least but what a hassle). And my product didn’t get to me within 30 days!

I am so very mad. Can somebody please calm me down by telling me what legal action I can take against this company? I want my refund IN FULL including all those postage charges.

Also, can anyone recommend any home electrolysis system that actually WORKS?! Or is this non-existent?

Sorry to hear you were one of millions scammed by the scum at IGIA. If you want permanent results from a home use device. you need to use a One Touch, which is discussed in great detail under the Do-It-Yourself Electrolysis forum.