IGIA Is using Ebay to sell their Hair removal

Hi I bought a Finally Gone hair removal from ebay $44 Bucks a few weeks ago & It didn’t work & What I found out all the sellers on ebay that is selling Finally Gone Hair removal are selling
the same scam crap that is on IGIA website
& The only thing that Ebay said . If I want a refund I have go threw paypal Because they only deal with power sellers Becareful when you buy things on ebay . Just go to ebay & Type in IGIA or better Finally gone hair removal & You will see many sellers selling the same junk from IGIA .

UPDATE. Paypal said once you received anything
by mail from ebay . Their is nothing that they can do to help you to get a refund .If I listen to this site I would have $44 more dollars in my bank account right now

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There are many companies who have found that it is very easy to set up multiple identities on Ebay, and run them all into the ground systmatically, while selling lots of junk.

There is a whole systematic approach to building up a good name on ebay, just so you can fleece a bunch of people in a few weeks, get enough negative feedback to ruin the good name of the screenname, but already have seeded a new one to repeat the process again.

In addition to that method, a company like IGIA could also just be making money off the fact that dealers are purchasing cases of IGIA products and selling them online without any connection to IGIA at all, other than their supply line.

Either way, the stuff is junk, and we can only hope people will do some research before they buy one of these things.

You are 100% right

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