IGIA Forever Gone (WARNING!)


This transdermal device is one of many IGIA scams claiming permanent hair rmeoval.

The IGIA Forever Gone should be avoided by all consumers.

These devices have not been cleared by FDA for marketing. Retails for $50.

IGIA: Forever Gone

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The permanent solution to hair removal!

Remove unwanted hair in seconds! On your face, on your arms and shoulders, around the “bikini area” - yet until now there hasn’t been a really satisfactory solution.
The IGIÁ Forever Gone is a new pen design Electrolysis System and comes with 3 different conductor tips to target all areas: small, medium and large. It also includes pre-treatment contact gel and moisturizing cream. This is a new painless method of removing hair on a permanent basis. The portable IGIÁ Forever Gone UTILIZES the most advanced technology of permanent needle-free hair removal.

What is Electrolysis?
The destruction of unwanted hair through means of a needle inserted into the follicle. The needle follows the shaft length of the hair being treated and a current is then emitted from the needle into the follicle

What is a Follicle?
A Follicle is where the hair growth comes from. A dormant follicle does not grow hair and an active follicle does. At times there may be lots of active follicles that may be situated very closely together and the hair above the surface of the skin may appear unsightly. This is where electrolysis is a very beneficial method for hair removal.

How Does IGIÁ Forever Gone Work?
Just smooth the conductive gel onto the skin and apply the rubber tip to the gel. A mild galvanic current is sent to the hair root and after repeated applications the follicle is completely removed and helps to prevent re-growth.

Forever Gone is the only method of removing troublesome body hair from head to toe:
• Outer skin surface
• Follicle: the elongated casing that encloses root
• Root of hair
• Artery carries blood to papilla

• IGIÁ Forever Gone Electrolysis Pen
• 3 customized hair removal tips
• Contact gel enriched moisturizing cream
• Travel pouch
• Detailed instruction manual </font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>