IGIA Finally Gone


Hi, I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about IGIA finally gone permanent hair removal re: it’s safeness and effectiveness, etc. Thanks.


Welcome LizzyL875!

The IGIA Finally gone is a transcutaneous hair removal scam. :angry: One to avoid!


Thanks for the warning. I was reading in the other forum about this method of hair removal and that this method does not have FDA approval. If I’m not mistake, I think that IGIA Finally Gone did claim that they were approved by the FDA and the National Guild Association of Electrolysis or something like that. Could you please explain that to me? Thanks.

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Lizzy, these IGIA people do all sorts of violative advertising, because they know they can make a lot of money before someone stops them.

They have a long track record of promoting hair removal products with false and misleading statements. They have no FDA clearance for these patches, and they have stolen the idea and marketing from competitors. Bad news.


When I saw the subject line of this thread I thought than IGIA was finally out of business LOL!

How many hair removal scam products does IGIA make?



I wish, RJC2001! :smile:

IGIA currently makes at least six different epilators and the Epil-Stop line of depilatories, which has been sold under numerous forumlations.

Companies like this have to change products amd formulations a lor to motivate trial and stay one step ahead of consumer activists and regulators.

As far as hair removal, IGIA is easily the biggest rip-off artist in the industry. They constantly make unsubstantiated claims and even steal ideas from competitors. I wonder how people like that can sleep at night, but I guess money does weird things to some people.