IGIÁ Finally Gone any good?


Just saw a TV ad abou the IGIÁ Finally Gone Hair Removal System. Its a new product so I dont know if anyone has experience with it. But any comments are welcome. Should I bother getting this? I can give it a try and if I dont like it, I can send it back…without any trouble hopefully. But would it have any side effects?
Thanks in advance for your help

Here’s their product link


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IGIA Finally Gone is a transcutaneous patch scam device made by one of the most disreputable comapnies in the hair removal industry.

If you want permanent results, you must purchase a unit where a metal probe is inserted into the follicle. Check out the posts in theis section on the One Touch for more details.


Igia is the biggest scam in the whole world… i used their home permanent removal kit about 2 years ago in my ONE area of my body, on 2 hairs below my belly button. few weeks later those two hairs grew back 10 times darker (not exaggerating) and is extremely noticeable since they’re the darkest ones… i pluck those two hairs every few weeks now… it grows back just to taunt me of the igia scam… DONT GET THE STUPID THING… IT’S USELESS :angry:

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You are lucky
I got one from ebay & I wasn’t even able pull
one hair out . One Word SCAM