If you zapp a body part and then don't await shedding but epilate...

I wonder about this. If I would zapp a body part with laser/IPL and then after like a few days when the hairs have been pushed out of the skinn, epilate the hairs with those machines that removes hairs from the “root”, would the laser/IPL treatments loose its effect? I meen if I don’t want to wait 2-3 weeks for complete “natural” shedding that by the way never is complete, you always have to pluck a lot of hairs that wont fall of by themself. The roots are already burned, aren’t they? So removing the hairs in the way I described shouldn’t be counterproductive, or am I wrong? Has anybody done this?

noone’s really sure about this, but it’s nor recommended. i would let the hair completely die and then shed naturally. otherwise, you’ll never know…but if you do decide to try this, please report back.

Don’t do it! You will hamper the effectiveness of later IPL or laser treatments if you do that.


Okay, I will report back if I try it. But realy I don’t see how it could be counterproductive. I do understand that maybe some hairs that were not zapped (missed hairs) could become removed when I epilate and therefore their growth cycle become messed up a bit.