If you are really hairy is it better to do @ home/or profesionally?


i am a male that is really shagadelic(hairy)…i hate it…iv been going to the gym and getting in better shape and i cant even show off my body because of this darn hair…im actually in the military and am overseas…there are beauty shops over here that do electrolysis treatments…im wondering if i should try them…or do the home one…but since im hairy that might take forever…please help anybody w/any info would be helpful, thanks


Electrolysis done by a well learned professional is your best option. You will get more hairs per hour, and a better final product, smooth scar free skin, if you are treated by a professional. Of course, as anyone who reads this board knows, the hard part is finding a well learned professional who can deliver the goods. If I were you, I would get consultations from everyone in the area that I could make time for, and after having a consult and sample treatment from them all, I would choose the best person to award the contract for my personal hair removal specialitst. You should take this just as seriously as awarding a government contract… ok, perhaps you should take it even more serious than that :roll_eyes:

If you are going to go for Home Electrolysis, you would do yourself a BIG FAVOR if you purchased the book, THE BLEND METHOD by Mike Bono from Texas Electrolysis Supply (800-626-6025) or from The Berkowitis School of Electrolysis Supply Line(800-526-9334). They will get you the book in a short period of time, and the book will explain all 3 methods of electrolysis with lots of details and there are plenty of pictures and graphs. Last I checked, it is even in a neat spiral binder that is perfect for propping it up and reading it while actually doing the work. These numbers are also good for getting other items like tweezer/forceps probes (may I suggest Ballet Gold) and anything else one would need for electrolysis (including training in the case of Berkowits)

Home electrolysis is best done with a professional machine by two people who have both read a book like The Blend Method, and agree to trade work on each other. No professional would do work on him or herself, because one gets more work done (hairs per hour) with less time and effort (contortions and reverse insertions while looking in a mirror) when someone else does it. There is also less possibility of negative side effects due to poor insertion technique.

Good machines to look for are made by companies like Apilus, Clarablend, Fischer, Hinkel, Instantron, and Silhouet-Tone. I like the newest models from Silhouet-Tone(the VMC), Apilus (SX-500) and Fischer (anything by Fischer).


Mr. Walker, thank you for you help…I am going to check into these people and companies you mentioned…I was wondering as well, do you have maybe a web site address for them?..i think thats what im going to do is go and check out a couple of these salons…and hopefully i some of them will understand me and vice versa…if not ill just resort to doing it at home…also would you or anybody know of any good people to check out in tx…in praticular, san antonio…thanks again :smile:


If you have dark hair and light skin, you might want to try laser hair removal. It should be much quicker than electrolysis.

Also, you can improve your look without removing the hair, just trim it back to about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch.


Mr. Smooth…thanks for the info…i was wondering if i did go for the laser vise the electrolysis wouldnt that decive the whole purpose of me trying to get rid of the hair :confused:


jag, for those with light skin and dark hair, a few laser treatments by someone really good can be a good way to get things under control. You can follow up with electrolysis to get the stragglers. I don’t know how much you have to spend, buyt laser usually takes a bigger-up-fron payment, where electrolysis you can do a little at a time based on how much you have to spend.


The only electrologist I know of in San Antonio is
PHONE 210-737-1135

I have to say, however, that I have never met Ms. Reilly, and have never even talked to anyone who has had work done by her. She is just the only member of the American Electrology Association listed for that city. When I can, I will always give you the name of someone with whose work I am familiar.

As for the companies, you can find them using a search on google.com Most do have web pages.


thanks again for all of your help :smile:


the gym?

you must be talking of arm hair then yes? the one-touch works wonders on the arms:)