if there dead are they dead?

Why the hell do people keep saying laser isnt permanent…?
If it isnt affective on your skin type fine… then it isnt affective…
But if it removes your hair and destroys the follicles… how the hell can they com eback? if they are dead they are dead… i could be wrong but i somehow didnt think hair follicles could be reserected…

If dead hair follicles could be resurrected, a cure for male pattern baldness would have been discovered! No, dead hair follicles don’t just mysteriously come to life after several years. That is urban legend.

When someone does not get good results from laser hair removal, it is usually because they don’t have a suitable skin and hair type, or they were undertreated.

The official definition of “permanent hair removal” means removal of ALL hair in the treated area. Laser doesn’t do that because of the diminishing returns. Some hairs will not be removed from a treatment because they were not in the early growth stage (anagen). They will come back finer and/or lighter. That will make it more difficult for the laser to treat, especially if the laser cannot provide high enough fluences, or the higher fluences cannot be tolerated. It will come to a point where the hair is too fine or light to be treated effectively with laser. Those hairs that are left are best treated with electrolyis.

I always say, start with laser, and finish with electrolysis. Remove as much hair as you can with the laser and you will save time and money. When I started with LHR on my chest, I had hair so thick that I could hardly see my skin. After one treatment ($700) 50% of the hair was gone! And no it did not grow back! Later treatments did not remove as much hair, but I still made very good progress. Did it remove all the hair? No, but I was very happy. I could not call it permanent because it did not remove all the hair. But I was happy to have 90-95% of it gone. I finished it up with electrolysis.


just wanted to add to this. some people, especially some women, getting laser done have underlying medical condition that produces hair and they don’t know about it. in these cases, it will look to them as if the hair grew back, but in reality it’s their body with this condition (like PCOS) that is untreated that keeps producing more hair. that is why if a woman has excessive hair growth, she should first check her hormones etc for possible underlying condition that causes excessive hair growth and gets it under control with medication before getting laser done. laser will kill the hair that is there now, but she wil continue developing new hair otherwise.