If nobody wants to help me directly, maybe....

You will show me some online shop, which ships OneTouch Electrolysis to Poland?
I can already use credit card !!

Please help me !!

Who will help me if You don’t :frowning: ?


Folica.com says it will ship World Wide. Check out http://www.folica.com/removal/onetouch_homele.htm for the One Touch for $29.95

They also supply extra tips (they bend easily) http://www.folica.com/removal/onetouch_stylet.htm

I wish I could, but I have exactly the same problem you have/had. No credit card and live in South America…

But someone has had to order OneTouch from Europe or other continent, so here once again goes my appeal: “Please HELP us !!”

thank You and I’m waiting for someone help :frowning:


I sure have not looked in to this at all, but the question here becomes, exactly how would one propose to send money for such a transaction? I am sure that if you don’t mind paying up front and trusting someone to do the work on the back end to arrange shipment to you, things should work out fine. Of course, I don’t know if there is any road block to having this shipped to your respective countries.

ya, dang shipping costs cost more than the product itself though

Yes, I “don’t mind paying up front and trusting someone to do the work on the back end to arrange shipment to” me
I know that
“shipping costs cost more than the product itself”

And I still want to buy One Touch, but don’t know how :frowning:
I don’t know what to do, I’m desperated :frowning:

It would be great if someone of You could help me, because I know that I can trust You (I’ve been reading this board for one year), so tiny, mr James, Andrea, No Hair: could You?


I’ll do it,

not if it’s going to break your bank though.

I recall it being something like 60$ seems kindof expensive for something made so cheaply.

I’ll go ahead and order a unit. if you don’t buy it from me I’ll just use it:) :grin:

ah yes, give me your address and i’ll make a trip to the post office and get a quick quote. np, I got a few spare hours to spare in my busy busy week :relaxed:

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Have you tried Ebay? Perhaps someone selling there will ship to you.

I will contact You on priv.