If I can survive so can you

Hi guys, just wanted to share something with you that might make some feel a little better. I have been a plucker and shaver of lip, chin and neck now for about 15years daily and also used to have the horrible thoughts like what would happen if I got taken to hospital or my kids got sick in the middle of the night and I had to take them to hospital unplucked. Even when I was in the early stages of Labour with my little girl I was plucking so the Dr’s did not think I was a hairy monster. Anyway all that changed 1week ago. I had just had enough and tossed the tweezers and razors in the bin and let it all grow. I am an extremely self concious person but thought one week of embarresment is better than continuing to live like this it does nothing for your self estemee. I don’t even think anybody really noticed. Anyway yesterday I want to a proffesional waxer and she was brilliant. My view was they were all beautiful looking women and they would look at me and think my god look at that women she looks like a man with that moustach and beard. But she was excellent and made me feel quite good about myself. Anyway I guess I have looked in the mirror now about 100 times as I cannot believe how good it looks, I even woke in the middle of the night to feel if any had grown back. I even had a champagne last night with hubby to celebrate. I cannot believe no more plucking, shaving or embarresment just monthly waxing which is painful but nothing can be as painful physically and emotionally as having to pluck or shave daily. Just thought I would share this with you as I am just so pround of myself as I never ever thought I would be able to do this ever. Thanks for listening I needed to tell somebody I was just soo exicted. Thanks

Hi Mimmie! I feel your pain AND excitement, but why haven’t you looked into electrolysis? It’s even better… and permanent (if you don’t pluck or shave in between treatments)!

Hi Pam, Thanks for the reply I am actually looking in to laser hair removal now I have had the courage to get it waxed. Once I had grown it for a week the only thing I wanted to do was finally get rid of it. So down the track when it regrowth will be not as noticeable I will look into laser. I am still just so happy with the result.

I completely understand how you feel. I was convinced that laser was the way to go but once I researched it, I decided electrolysis is the way to a permanent solution. One of the things that helped me come to my conclusion was seeing a photo of someone’s face after laser treatment… I hope you read everything you can and make an informed decision. There’s a good discussion on this at http://www.hairtell.com/cgi-bin/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=000356

Keep us all posted too… this is a wonderful resource for sharing our experiences.

Good luck!

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mimmie,After wazing the upper lip do you get any after effects like ingrown hairs? Also…does hair grow back faster and thicker after waxing like it does after tweezing???

Hey so does that mean that professional waxing works alot better than normal waxing and lasts longer and makes the hair grow back thinner?

Doesn’t plucking and waxing have the same effect on the hair follicle? I’m confused…