If I buy a good electrolysis machine, Needle?

Okay… I’m trying to buy one used machine from one of apilus, sterex, Instantron or Silhouet.
Can I buy extra needle even if it’s a 10-year old model?
Where to buy?

Also, with one of those machine, is it really hard to use ffectively?

It hard to use any epilator at first, especially with no training. It would be wise to get Michael Bono’s book, The Blend Method, and peruse it carefully. http://www.arhinkel.com/script/showprod.pl?item=5-3&group=accessories After that, only work on body hair. I would never EVER encourage anyone to work on their own face because of the risk of scarring. Besides that, insertions can’t possible be very accurate.

You can purchase boxes of probes (needles). They are about a dollar or less a piece if they are disposable.

For my colleagues: I talked to my electrolysis supplier last week and probes prices are increasing soon. They haven’t had a price increase since 2008. Laurier probes are not increasing their prices though, but they are not disposable.

Thank you! dfahey !!
Some extra questions popped up.
1.For electrolysis, does it matther if a hair is fine and soft?

  1. Is the book you recommended for general instruction for most of electrolysis machine?

  2. where can I buy probes? Can I use any probe for any brand? or is there a specific one for each brand?

4.How is the pain compared to the pain of laser treatment?
I have had some laser treatment and some areas realy hurt.

Thanks again for your great answer

Thanks for the info, Dee. I will make an order of needles before prices skyrocket.

This is a good sign? increased demand for Electrolysis treatments, perhaps? :confused:
(This hobby that I have to see the positive side of things, mmmmmm…)

Ooph, the shipping costs more than the book itself. :frowning:


Thanks for the info, Dee. I will make an order of needles before prices skyrocket.

This is a good sign? increased demand for Electrolysis treatments, perhaps? :confused:
(This hobby that I have to see the positive side of things, mmmmmm…) [/quote]

I was thinking that inflation and energy costs sky rocketing, thus the increase. Wish it was only demand driving this, but I feel otherwise. :frowning:

Could you please answer my extra questions?

Electrolysis works on any hair, in any place, as long as the person performing the treatment has the skill and know how to effect good treatments. Fine or soft, coarse or what ever hair or hair color.

Since no electrolysis machine comes with anything near a training manual, and what does come even avoids explaining the features and benefits of the machine in most cases, one NEEDS to get a book to learn electrolysis in addition to any machine, if one has had no formal training. At the same time, no book will tell you machine specific information on how to perform treatments. The industry lawyers have lead the manufacturers to leave us in this state, where machine specific information is on a hands on, in person training basis only.

Although some manufacturers want you to believe that their machine is “made to use our special probes” the truth is that the only deciding factor on what probes you can use with a machine is the probe holder shank. Once you know if your machine uses an F shank, or K shank, you can then feel free to sample the wares of every probe maker out there. I would suggest you try one piece and two piece, insulated and non-insulated, and gold probes to figure out what you like best.

Unfortunately for you, the pain, or rather, the sensation experienced during treatment in electrolysis is a complicated variable that is the product of the condition of the person being treated (internal hydration versus dehydrated state, electrolyte balance, b-complex vitamin levels, and so on. While on the practitioner side, it is all about the skill of the practitioner and the quality of the equipment used.) In this case, you are starting in the hole having work done by an unskilled person (yourself) in a non-ideal situation (working on yourself with bad insertion angles).

In the best of conditions electrolysis work sensation can be anywhere from unnoticeable, to a warming sensation. In other cases, it can range from a mild annoyance, to a short sharp shock. In other situations, it can range from a quick jabbing sting, to a long burning sensation.

Most people find that electrolysis tends to have no painful sensation post treatment in the way some LASER treatments do.

not sure why noone is answering about where to get needles. I buy from Texas Electrolysis Supply (TES). Also, Prestige Electrolysis but I have not bought from prestige. There are different needle type and materials and sizes: insulated, not insulated, stainless, gold, one piece and two piece. You have to try a few and find what works best for you. I use mostly F2, one piece, stainless, not insulated.

As for book, I also suggest “Electrolysis, Thermolysis, and The Blend”. I bought mine used on Amazon. TES shows it on their website. It might seem a little detailed at first but it makes a great reference and you can skip around not having to read the entire book.

It sounds like you already have it covered if you are buying from TES.