If hair needs to be in Anagen to be killed, then..

would be a good Idea to tweeze the hair, wait about 8 weeks so the hair will be in anagen stage, and go to the electrologyst to kill it?

I’m asking it because I decided to keep with electrolysis but my last treatmen was about 4 months ago.

But I’ve also read that tweezing the hair can provide a hair growth stimulation (not sure if it means more hair or just stronger hair)

So I would apreaciate an advice about it, should I do it or I should I forget this idea about using tweezers and go right now?

A hair does NOT need to be in anagen to be killed. I think our resident electrologists have pretty well busted that old myth. It’s never a good idea to tweeze and it will, if anything, delay your treatment. Throw those tweezers out and go to electrolysis now.