If a hair is gone for over 2 months after Blend, is it permanently killed?

I had three isolated hairs close together on the side of my neck that were treated with Blend two times, and now they haven’t come back for over two months - does this mean that they are killed? Maybe this prooves that Blend (electrolysis) actualy can kill hair permanently.

There’s no doubt that using the blend method destroys hair!

Give it another month or two for good measure, then you can jump really high and smile. If there is nothing after a year,then you can really celebrate!


Thankyou for the reply Dee.
So a single hair can reappear after being gone for almost a year?

Yes, that is a possibility.

I didn’t know, that sounds strange. So one can never be sure. I mean, if it can reappear after one year, it can reappear after two etc. Maybe electrolysis too is something you need to undergo continuisly to stay somewhat free of hair.