ideas for alternate anti-folliculitis treatment - advice welcome

I’m trying to come up with a non-Tend Skin option to treat folliculitis. (It really does seem wonderful, but is really, really out of my price range).

I noted the thread in which the aspirin/alcohol recipe was discussed. I tried that method, but found it added an inordinate amount of time to the hours I devote to various modes of hair removal alone. It felt inelegant, too – crushing the aspirins, even with a mortar and pestle, can only get it so fine, and I felt I couldn’t get the mixture to “settle” quite right.

(I know, nothing about hair removal is elegant, really. And it may be that I’m both poor and lazy, but I really do have other things I need to get done…)

So what do people think of the following ideas?

  • One of those salicylic or glycolic toners available on the market for treatment of facial acne. (Here in Canada, we have a generic drug store brand that sells a variant of these at a fairly low cost.)

  • Baking soda mixed with water. On the web, some people have endorsed it as an exfoliant, when turned into a paste (the soda, not the people). I mean, the stuff can polish silver and unclog drains, but it’s also used in those bath cubes people used to give acquaintances for Christmas.

  • Effervescent aspirin tablets, dissolved in water. Baking soda is in these, too, along with salt, which is purported to have disinfectant properties.

I’d love to hear what people think – thanks in advance.