I'd like to buy my boyfriend the best razor (regular or electric?)

My boyfriend uses disposable razors, and because of this, he often cuts himself and hates to shave. As a Christmas present, I want to buy him a nice (maybe electric?) razor he could easily use every day that would make him want to shave more often. Any reccomendations? :smile:

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heya kimber
similarly i avoided disposable and actually all razors wen i started shaving and got an electric one for everyday shaving, (though recently i have gotten some razors for shaving my underarms, which well i dont want to be using my electric razor for)

anyway back to the point im not aware of every shaver on the market however i have a relatively simple braun flex intergral (only about $100 australian ($50 us) i think, but it was a present so i dont really know)with twin foils which is quite good enough for everyday shaving, never cut myself on it and gives a fairly close shave, you’ll never get a perfect shave with an electric but this dose a fairly good job, also its three years old now and still the blades dont need to be sharpened so i guess thats good

thats about as much help as i can give, as with anything though you get what you pay for, but then again the difference between the best shavers and your average shavers isnt that much

I’ve tried just about every electric shaver on the market. I have found the best one to be the Braun Syncro. They have several models. They all shave the same, some have more bells and whistles. The 75050 is between $89-99. The 7526 is from $119-139 and comes with a self cleaning module. When you’re done shaving you just pop the shaver in the module and press a button and it cleans. Does a good job too.

The Syncro shaves the closest of any electric I have tried and has been the most durable.

As far as blades I have found the Mach3 Turbo to be the best. The new Schick Quattro is almost as good. I will post about it later. Stay away from the cheap disposables, they are more likely to nick and cut.

I went on a trip to Miami recently and due to the heat and humidity an electric was not practical for body shaving. I used the Mach 3 Turbo on my legs every day and no ingrown hairs. This shows how little irritation that it causes. The Shick Quattro doesn’t cause irritation either.

I have to say that with both blades and electric shavers you get what you pay for.