Icky whitehead like reactions....not responding to tea tree aloe gel


I have poured over the skin care section and I have tried some of the suggestions, but I still need some input…
I wonder if anybody has any advice for me, I have had great luck with cortaid creme on my neck after treatment (I have long light brown to blond fuzz) BUT for my upper-lip and chin (same fuzz with a handfull of dark coarse hairs sprinkled around) I use tea tree aloe on after cleansing. After a couple of hours, I have a major pizza face like break out ! I have tried to even put some “oxy10” on them to dry them out and that only inflames the pimples. I usually use “clean and clear” acne gel on my face as I have a bit of an adult acne issue. I will try putting that on it tonight and see how it goes.

Why do some frown on the cortisone creams ? I also wanted to ask about the tea tree oil, I am so afraid to make any acne worse, I can’t see putting oil of any kind on my face. That is why I bought the tea tree aloe gel instead, but maybe I am doing this all wrong ??

Tea Tree Oil actually is good for getting rid of acne.

Oil is not the enemy, clogged pores are.

Tea Tree Oil actually is good for getting rid of acne.

Oil is not the enemy, clogged pores are.

A “Tea Tree Aloe Gel” would likely be more aloe that has already reverted to water, preservatives and a dash of tea tree for maketing flavor. Try the real deal - for both, get real pure aloe (cold processed) and real honest to goodness tea tree oil.

Hi James,
Thanks for the info, this morning a fresh crop of “white-heads” !! I am so frustrated and I look like HELL.
I am going out right now to get the tea tree oil and reg aloe gel. I’ll update tomorrow.

By the way, James, I switched over to Debbie Strickland, it’s a little bit of a drive, but we have already done 12 hours !! She is fab and I used to see her WWWWWwwwwwwwwwaaaayyyyyyy back like 17 years ago for about 6 months and then we moved. This time I am going to take care of all this damn Fuzzz once and for all !

Lily do you live in a humid climate? Do you swim, exercise hot tub sauna after your treatment? This can cause the white bumps.

Don’t put anything harsh or exfoliating your skin. Cortizone can be a great treatment but if you need it everytime something is wrong. It has negitive side effects from longterm use.

stick with the tea tree check the other ingrediants. Watchout for alcohols and thickening agents.

Thanks for the input Learner,

I actually live in the Chicago area so I haven’t been in a humid warm climate and I have avoided exercising (just walking my dogs) so that I won’t perspire. I have been dabbing the whiteheads with alcohol after I prick them slightly with a sterilized sewing needle ( I just can’t go around with big juicy “white-heads” on my face , remember the movie “Something about Mary” ha!) I dont really squeeze them, or pick them I just kind of give the puss a way out before I wash my face gently with a mild cleanser.

I think I will stick to the tea tree oil and aloe gel only for the next few days and see how things go…:frowning:

I have told people that Debbie Strickland and Cassandra McCabe are proven electrolysis operators in Chicago who I would gladly send my family and friends to, in addition to getting work done on myself (because I have). I am glad you rediscovered her. (Tell her I said hello)

Put on straight Tea Tree Oil on overnight, and it dissolves puss and other pore clogging debris.

Can you tell me where exactly they are located?



Cassandra M. McCabe CPE
Cassie Electrolysis
7107 W. Belmont Avenue Suite 6
Chicago, IL 60634
773 919-4247

Debbie strickland
Merle Norman Cosmetics
7323 N. Harlem Avenue
Niles, Illinois 60714
847 600-3000

Give the ladies a hello from me, I don’t think I will be in Chicago again until June.