I will throw up my guts for self-esteem

I want to start off by saying thank you to the creator of this site as well as the wonderful people that contribute to it. I am a young female college student who has become intensively depressed because of the excess growth of facial and body hair. I have tried everything from shaving to waxing to plucking to using depolatories. I have come to the conclusion that these methods absolutely cause more hair growth, if not thicker and longer. Now with summer coming, I wish I could just go to Alaska or something to hybernate. I’m trying to take control over myself, but it is extremely difficuly when my appearance has changed tremendously. I’m thinking about getting electrolysis, but I don’t know how it will affect me. I really can’t afford (emotionally and economically) for something to go wrong. Is elec. truly really effective in permenantly removing hair? I know the FDA approves, but I am still skeptical of any hair removing method because of my own as well as others’ experiences who have had it. Does anyone live in the Buffalo or NYC that can recommend someone or just take the time to meet with so that they could discuss their experiences with electrolysis. Thank you kindly. Good Luck to everyone in getting their confidence back.

Sorry to hear about how youf feeling about your situation, I’d suggest you book a consultation with James Walker, who posts fairly reguarly on these boards and have a test patch done.

Just so you are comfortable with the procedure and the practioner, I would book consults with at least another two electrologists.

Electrolysis will permanently remove hair if done correctly, though depending on the power/current level, which may be lowered for appeareance reasons or patient comfort, you may get a higher level of re-growth.

Just add there are some comprehensive details of electrolysis both here and also in the mature topics thread. My own experience with galvanic electrolysis is posted in there.

For me it’s been effective but the process is slow and it takes a fair amount of time and therefore can be expensive.

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I am sorry to hear that the situation is getting you depressed… it happens to all of us to one degree or another… but there is hope… and you need to realise that… and you are ideally positioned to get help from two of the better electrolygists… Fino Gior in Great Neck - have a look at www.electrolysisinformation.com - and James Walker, in Buffalo… James posts often, in this forum, as well as others… send him a PM by clicking on the little icon of two people and an envelope next to his name on oner of the posts…

Good luck, in a year or so, with regularly scheduled electrolysis, you will see the results you are after…


Thank you both for your kind concern and uplifting advice. I will definately go for a consultation with several electrologists. I will feel so much better if when I have my braces removed, I can have all this hair removed as well. Does anyone have a suggestion on what type of method I should use (galvanic, blend, thermolysis)? I am a caramel complexion and have a lot of dark hair (not very coarse but dark).
How do you know that Fino and Walker are very good electrologists? Thank you kindly.

An experienced practitioner will be better placed to decide what method is best for what area you want to treat…Some offer all three methods, some will offer the one they are most competent at, or that will be fastest… all methods are effective for permanent removal of hair… Skin or hair colour does not affect the electrolysis procedure like it does with LASER procedures…

I have no personal experience of either of these practitioners, but if you look at the website I provided for Fino, you can see that he has the credentials and experience to offer you a good service, and from having read many of James Walker’s posts here, he is also open, experienced and communicative about his work. I was recommending both of them because they are in the areas you mentioned, I am sure there are others as well… with all those people in NYC, there must be one or three more… like the common suggestion is, get consultations with a number of people, and then decide who you are comfortable with for technique, communication and scheduling…


I am now one year into electrolysis on my chin and neck region. I found a fabulous, very reputable electrolygist (sp?) in NYC. She’s done a great job and I’ve seen measurable improvement. I am almost hair free in all the previously-offending locations. I started off going weekly and now go once every three weeks. It’s truly been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I used to spend at least 20 min. a day plucking my chin/neck and much longer feeling those areas with my fingertips for problematic hair sprouting. Now I am totally broken of this habit (since I had to stop plucking when I started the electrolysis) and feel 100% more confident about my appearance and the attractiveness and health of my skin in those areas. I had really done a lot of damage plucking due to ingrowns and daily fussing, so I do have a little redness remaining, but I know that will diminish with time-- just like my icky facial hair has diminished with electrolysis! I found my practitioner in the back of Time out Magazine. She only works with women. She’s a real pro. I highly recommend her. Her name is Ronni Kolotkin and her phone number is 212-366-6663. You can also look for her ad in the back of Time Out. I know electrolysis is not cheap (and in all honesty, it is a litle painful), but it’s worth every cent and every wince. I can’t think of a better thing to have done with that money. Good luck!

Another source to find reputable electrologists is the American Electrology Association’s website:
Seek a board certified electrologist. He or she has passed a national certification exam and needs to keep going for continuing education classes to maintain his/her certification.
Ask to see some finished case histories of clients with your amount of hair and use of previous temporary hair removal methods. Before and after pictures are great to see too.
Good luck.

Thank you all for your wonderful feedback. It is greatly appreciated. Although I do not wish my unsightly appearance on anyone else, it is relieving to hear that I am not the only one with this problem.
Happyjenny: I will be in the NYC city real soon. Do you mind if I have your e-mail address?
I have questions for you. It is understandable if you refuse; after all, I am a stranger to you. It’s just that it seems like you used to feel the way I do now :frowning: , but you seem so happy after getting electrolysis (your name gives it away). Thank you kindly!

hmmm…how would one know what method is actually being performed on them by an electrologists? :confused:

You could ask them… if you are an informed customer, (not a smart@ss one) and ask questions, you will soon find out who is legitimate in their abilities and who may not be… If you ask what method they use, or what power or time they plan to start you at, or what machine they will be using, or the type of tips they might use, then they will know you are not just someone desperate to spend money on the hope of them fixing the problem… they will realise you are a person who knows what they are talking about, and will expect to see results… They will not be many who will try to hogwash you after that… if they do, run, don’t walk, out of the place…

Being an informed consumer is your best protection against being taken advantage of by someone incompetent or offering a non-proven methodology such as transdermal or electric tweezers…



Good point David!

The Scammers, who know they are scammers won’t ever tell you the name of their machine! The only person who will own up to using a “Super Phaser Gold” is a person who still believes that it works.

The reason many electrologists offer all 3 methods of electrolysis is because for one reason or another, it may be better for the client to use one method on one area, and another method in a different area of the body.

The reason may be the client’s tolerance level, it may be the difference in the thickness of the hairs, some may be curly, while the others are more straight, or maybe the skin we are working on in one area is in a folded area of the body. Although all methods can effect permanent hair removal anywhere on the body, the optimum experience of doing this will be better in one or another method depending on many variables of the hair and skin being treated.

Of course, a good one method only practitioner will still be able to treat hair anyplace on the body. The skill of the practitioner is really the most important thing. After that comes the equipment they are using, and the co-operation of the client.

If you want to make sure that you have the absolute WORST experience at your electrology appointment, all you have to do is:

1.) Ingest lots of Caffiene and or alcohol prior to treatment. Those four cups of coffee and/or double shots with beer chasers will serve a double whammy of dehydrating you, while literally getting on your last nerve. The treatment setting will have to be higher, while your tolerance of treatment will be lowered!

2.)Dehydrate your body by NOT drinking any water and while you are at it, Smoke a pack a day of your favorite tobacco sticks. 64 ounces of water a day (4 ounces per hour over 16 hours) are a minimum for making sure that there is enough moisture in your skin for it to both look good, and be treatable for your practitioner. If this water is not present in your skin FROM THE INSIDE OUT, then the settings will have to be higher than they could be, or you could be so dehydrated that no treatment is possible. Smoking increases your body’s demand for water, and so if you smoke you need to drink EVEN MORE water than those who don’t. (I have had to send clients home for being too dehydrated for me to do anything but talk to them about how they have set back their treatment a week by not drinking water)

3.) Go Sun Tanning 3 days or less prior to electrolysis so that your skin is dried out and more subject to hyperpigmentation and freckling that you will no doubt blame on your innocent electrologist who told you not to tan unless it was a spray on system.

4.) Don’t get a good night’s sleep. If you arrive stressed out and tired, you will no doubt be more sensitive to treatment as your body is literally broken down and on edge prior to treatment.

5.) Don’t keep your skin clean, so that lots of dirt, makeup and bacteria can build up and infect the treatment area after treatment and give you spots and the itches.

6.) Rub, scratch and get the treatment area all dirty and infected after your treatment has ended so that you can have after effects that last for days and weeks.

Do all these things, and you can have the absolute worst time at the electrologist’s office.

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Hi Aqua-- Thanks for the kind words, and I’m glad you have found the site helpful! Thanks to all who made this such an informative thread, too, especially James with his great “How Not To” list!

hi aqua…amazing!! i really never thought that anyone could feel as bad as i have been feeling about HAIR… i have had a problem with chin hair for many years now, and tweezers, THE BEST OF THE BEST , have only made me more HAIRY than before…i honestly can tell you that my chin has red bumps because i would pull out hair that had not yet surfaced…well, i just started going to my electolysist whom i love…she is an r.n. as well as a lic. electrolysist…i have only gone 3 times and she is confident that it will work…i think so as well… my skin is looking better and she predicts that in a few months i will look much better…GOOD LUCK!! really, i mean it.i know ecactly how you feel…