I went for my first treatment!

And can I tell you how free I feel for finally doing it?!

All those years I was terrified of electrolysis…geez I wish I would have bit the bullet sooner. It was nothing! She gives you your first 15 minutes free, and she figured since it was my first we’ll leave it at 15. But I took it all very well! I used EMLA so that definitely helped out alot. For my first treatment- I went for 45 minutes!! I am so proud of myself, I can’t take it.

I go back next week! Then we have to figure out my schedule on how to keep it weekly.

It really wasn’t so bad…it’s definitely not the most comfortable thing but it wasn’t half as bad as I’d always feared.

I wish I took pictures to share!! She worked on my upper lip first, the little hairs under my lip, and my chin (which seems to have the most hair). It’s all clear today! I’m still red from it and I hate that I can’t wear makeup, but it’s a small price to pay!

I’ll let you know my progress as it goes. I hope I’m one of the lucky ones where it won’t take much to clear me up for good!

Oh and some questions…my electrologist prepared me for it but I want to be sure…

I bought witch hazel for cleaning. She also recommended something like neosporin. When would I be using that? Should I put that on at night? What is the best process for after-treatment? All I have been doing so far (since last night’s treatment) is cleaning with witch hazel. She also told me to clean around my mouth after eating, especially.