I waxed my chest last week

And stubble is already growing back!
It’s been like 9 days…this cannot be normal surely :frowning:

Did you wax it or did you go to a professional? If you did it yourself, you may just have broken the hair off and not removed the root.

If you have stubble growing back (as opposed to new fine baby hairs that are tapered at the tip), then these are hairs that were just broken in the follicle, instead of removed by the root. Even if you got most of the hairs removed properly, if you broke off even a couple per square inch it can ruin the smooth feel you were going for.

It’s totally normal. It’s very hard to do a perfect wax-job on yourself in an area where the hair grows in slightly different directions (as some hair does on a chest). Especially if you’ve never done it before. Also, if you have a lot of finer hairs mixed in with the thick ones, I notice these break more often and it’s hard to avoid that.

How can I avoid this next time?

Really by going to a professional, or just trying again until you get good at it… you could consider laser as well if the hair is dark and coarse enough. When you look at how much you’ll spend over the years on paying for waxing, you can prob find places to laser your chest for $100 a session.

You can just practice at it, or go to a pro, as edokid said. Pro treatments will be pretty expensive over the long run though.

You may want to try doing smaller areas at a time so you can follow the hair direction better. And if you’re not already doing it, then pulling the skin taut and ripping as fast as you can is the way to do it.

For what it’s worth, the first wax is always the hardest. The hair comes out easier and the pain goes down with subsequent waxes (at least on my bikini zone and legs, so I think maybe the chest will be similar).

I have to pull the strip against the direction of growth yes?

Yeah it will be similar, it gets less painful as you do it, take advil as well I find that helps. You apply the strip in the direction of growth and then pull it off against the growth, very close to the skin and quickly as well!

Yep. Wax goes on in the direction of the hair, and you rip it off in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

I hope you don’t have curly hair… I waxed my chest in 2006 and it was covered in nasty red sores for almost a whole year with the ingrowns… the hairs that break off grow into the skin leading to big cysts. Some popped out (many months later) on the surface at around an inch long!.. Never doing that again!

IT seems that the hair was not completely ripped out. This happens to me sometimes so you are not ‘different’ :slight_smile:
Professionals is a better way to go ofcourse but i just prefer the comfort and cheapness (free) from an amateur…