I was just wondering about breakthrough tests on hair removal topicaly

I was wondering if ay companies are doing tests on new topica treatments for permanent hair reduction.

Also if we can take sprionolactone orally whats top say they cant make sometthign similar topically?

There is a company, Sirna Therapeutics, Inc. that is working on a topical. I believe that human studies will start this year???

I have been following the information out of Sirna Therapeutics (Dermatology Division) and believe they are on to something big here. They have nabbed famed Dr. Angela Christiano, M.D. (she’s on their scientific advisory board) and they have acquired her landmark research on hair loss and excessive hair growth. The dermatolgy division of their company just started in late 2004, but they are just not about a permanent hair removal delivery system research agenda, they are working on an anti-tumor delivery system for cancer, Huntingtons’s disease, diabetes, asthma, hepatitis C, macular dengeneration by concentrating on a certain target in the cell. All this is based on fighting disease (and hair) at the molecular level by interfering with the RNA in the cells. For permanent hair removal, their target is the HAIRLESS TXN Factor.

All this research centers around “silencing the genes” or interferring with the cells RNA (messengers). For any of this stuff to work, they need to figure out a delivery system (biology) and they need to figure out the chemical modification (dialing up or dialing down) that is needed. Very complex. Gene silencing is like the Holy Grail of Biology, so to speak.

How do you deliver the drug so it goes inside the cell and then keep it stable and active? Chemistry is the key to a workable therapy and SiRNA claims to have the best biologists and chemists in the world working on this. They could very well succeed. Last I saw, the hair removal market was estimated at $8.3 BILLION for the global market. In the U.S., $3.8 BILLION. These numbers will keep growing. It is easy to see the incentive for any company to be successful in this endeavor and that’s why I think this may well be, eventually, the fifth modality for permanent hair removal.

This is truly revolutionary, but it won’t come cheap or easy if they are successful. With that said, there are many risks and uncertainties with a new company. They need CASH to keep it all going. If the financial side of things fizzle, then we won’t see a topical permanent hair removal cream in the future, at least not from SiRNA.

This topical medication is designed to be applied in a series of treatments BY A PHYSICIAN. It will reach the base of the hair follicle, where it will stop protein production that is necessary for hair growth. Sounds good to me if it is safe and effective, but don’t plan on it being inexpensive. Got to pay the CEO’s, biologists, chemists, patent attorneys’s, marketing companies, etc., for years and years of hard work and risk taking.