I was invited by for a webinar about laser hair...

you guys here might find it interesting… It was from a laser technician/ specialist based in UK… it’s a free webinar. PM me if your interested and I can forward you the email invitation. It’s on March 19 a webcast so all you need is an internet connection, speaker or headset. Sound exciting! I register myself… I actually started to jotting down questions for them as well.


And how do You want to get the practical experience necessary to do the job with the necessary responsibility toward Your clients?

Hi Beate R – I am afraid I didn’t get your question? I don’t have a client… I am just a newbie -prospective laser hair removal customer- I can say… who wants to know more about laser hair removal treatment procedures and all the things related to it that I need to know. and I find this free webinar from a laser hair technologist and specialist in Middlesx UK… thought somebody else may be interested to register so I am posting it here… :slight_smile: